The Whirlwind – K-drama Episode 5 Recap & Review

The Enemy of My Enemy

The Whirlwind episode 5 starts with a flashback to 10 years ago when Kang was first arrested for fraud. He managed to thwart the case, get released, and make the prosecution led by Dong-ho look like fools. The team investigating him was disbanded, and just like that, Sang-woon slipped the long hands of justice.

At the time, Dong-ho tried to appeal to his superior, Jung-gwon, but it was pointless; he was transferred to the National Assembly, where he met  Jang II Jun, and they struck up a friendship over their love for justice. They even exchanged watches and promised to forge their future together. Funny how things turned out!

Currently, there is only one day left to the candidate declaration but Dong-ho is struggling to submit his papers as the party members turn against him. Led by Su-jin, they order the party leader not to sign Dong-ho’s declaration. The party members hold an Assembly meeting and call Dong-ho to withdraw his candidacy.

Later, Su-jin publicly accuses Dong-ho of using unfair methods to win and challenges him to come clean. Meanwhile, Sang-cheon submits his papers as the opposition candidate. 

Through a flashback, we learn that Su-jin and Sang-cheon have quite a painful past together. While Su-jin was in university, she protested against the government, and Sang-cheon was the person sent to oppress the protests. He tortured her for days, wanting to know where the council leader, Man-ho, was hiding.

Currently, Su-jin reaches out to Yeon-suk, promising her a bigger position if she switches sides. Unfortunately, Yeon-suk reveals her hand by showing Su-jin the recording of  Dong-ho admitting to the attempted assassination of  President  Jang II Jun.

As the deadline gets close, Dong-ho goes into hiding with Jeong-yeon to clear his mind. He reflects on the past and how he trusted Su-jin to save Gi-tae only to belatedly learn she was the mastermind. He blames himself for Gi-tae’s death and wants Su-jin to pay for her betrayal. He confides in Jeong-yeon that he has given up on his future and is willing to go the extra mile to avenge her brother. Note that Gi-tae and Jeong-yeon are siblings.

After thinking about things clearly, Dong-ho pays Su-jin an impromptu visit. He uses Su-jin’s past with Sang-cheon to threaten her. He promises he will support Sang-cheon if the party didn’t accept his candidacy. He also has Jeong-yeon steal Su-jin’s papers, so she won’t have time to submit them before the deadline.

Su-jin was under the impression that Dong-ho would renounce his candidacy and choose her as his replacement. She had her papers ready to go, but with Dong-ho’s interference, that won’t happen. If anything, Sang-cheon will win the elections without an opponent and become the President.

After debating who among the two is a bigger devil, Su-jin decides to support Dong-ho. At least he never tied her to a chair for days and tortured her! She calls the party leader and orders him to accept Dong-ho’s declaration. With minutes to spare, Dong-ho is able to submit his papers. The media quickly picks up on the changing wind and reports that Su-jin and Dong-ho have formed an alliance and will work together to win the elections.

 Su-jin starts by having Dong-ho do a press tour while paying tribute to President Jang II Jun’s grave and the former First Lady giving him the old watch he once exchanged with  Jang II Jun. Su-jin then deepens her claws into Dong-ho’s campaign and plans his schedule to secure victory.

At the same time, she meets with Sang-woon’s dad in prison, and he asks her to abandon Sang-woon and save Daejin if push comes to shove.

As the election day nears, another Presidential debate is held. Sang-cheon takes a risk by using the fact that North Korea is building strong weapons to attack Dong-ho. He claims that President  Jang II Jun wasted money sending help to North Korea and that Dong-ho’s loyalty is questionable because he intends to send relief to North Koreans. This is a sensitive topic and Dong-ho’s answer threatens to hurt him one way or the other. It is even worse since recent reports show that North Korea has just launched a new missile successfully.

On the other hand, Sang-cheon has built his reputation for being anti-North Korean, and his support is growing. All his life, he has been forced to prove himself after North Korean soldiers accidentally captured his dad. He made a whole career catching spies and bringing them to justice. 

To help Dong-ho., Su-jin secretly introduces Pil-gyu to him and reveals damaging information on Sang-cheon. While everyone now knows that Sang-cheon’s dad is alive in North Korea and thriving, no one knows that Sang-cheon saved him during the famine years by sending money. In fact, Sang-cheon has a half-brother who acted as the courier to collect the money.

If that is not bad enough, Sang-cheon’s brother is the one making the nuclear weapons for their enemy. Initially, Dang-ho is hesitant to align himself with Su-jin and accept the information from Pil-gyu. Obviously, the information was not legally sought and using it can be problematic, but with Sang-cheon’s popularity rising, Dong-ho decides to use the information.

The morning of the last debate, Yeon-suk warns Dong-ho to be careful with Su-jin. She threatens to use the recording in her safe if he oversteps. Unfortunately, Su-jin hears their conversation as she hid a listening device on the watch the First Lady gave Dong-ho. 

At the debate, Sang-cheon brings up North Korea and unknowingly walks into his own trap. Dong-ho hits him with all the hard evidence and makes him lose the support of his followers. Su-jin revels in Sang-cheon’s takedown as she remembers the torture she suffered at his hands.

By the time the elections roll by, Dong-ho is the clear winner, and he is announced as the next President. However, he ignores Su-jin’s handshake during the celebrations, and she silently walks away.

Dong-ho is sworn in as the new President, and as promised, he returns to the Blue House and immediately makes moves to kick Su-jin and Daejin’s people out of their high positions. However, unbeknownst to them, Su-jin gets her hand on the recording from Yeon-suk’s safe and uses it to threaten Dong-ho. She believes it is the best bargaining chip to use to rule over him. 

The Episode Review

The Whirlwind has done it again: another breathtaking twist at the end of each episode. When they said there is no rest for the wicked, they must have meant politicians because Su-jin and Dong-ho ae not giving each other a break. Dong-ho didn’t even get to warm his seat before Su-jin came for him. She has her foot on his neck and is not budging. 

In retrospect, Dong-jo slipped when he failed to check the watch. How did he let his opps pull this over him? It seems too easy. Did he really not know the watch was bugged? He needs to up his game before Su-jin turns him into her lap dog. He hated President Jang II Jun for being under Daejin’s thumb, but now he is in the same position. Does he have another card up his sleeve, or is it checkmate?

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