The Whirlwind – K-drama Episode 10 Recap & Review

Backed Into a Corner 

The Whirlwind episode 10 picks up where we left off, with Dong-ho incriminating himself on live television. In his speech, he says he is ready to cast stones and endure the stooges thrown at him as well.

He plays the video of Yeong-ik admitting to meeting with the political affairs and incriminating Su-jin. He then promises that before leaving his office he will take Sang-cheon, Yeong-ik and Su-jin down with him. He claims it will be his last act of service to the country. 

In a flashback, we see how Gi-tae’s dream to get justice against the Daejin Group inspired him to fight, too. Seven months ago, Gi-tae gave him an old flag passed down by his ancestors who fought in the two different Korean wars. Those before them signed the flag, and it meant a lot to Gi-tae. Gi-tae wanted to be like the whirlwind, uprooting all the corruption in its wake.

After the press conference, the country enters unprecedented times as Dong-ho becomes the first sitting President to be investigated. Dong-ho voluntarily submits himself to the prosecutor’s office for questioning and is welcomed by Jang-seok. Jang-seok informs Dong-ho that his family is having a hard time and that his son wants to quit school.

However, Dong-ho is determined to see this fight through so Jang-seok promises to protect his family for him. Dong-ho insists that Su-jin is their top priority and she must face the music too. 

Meanwhile, Su-jin and Sang-cheon meet to bring in a new partner to their side. They head to Yeong-ik’s place to convince him to join them. He agrees to use his influence to get the prosecutors on his payroll to turn against Don-ho and file for an arrest warrant.

As for Su-jin, she mobilises Pil-gyu to lead the prosecutors. She and Sang-cheon also send out their supporters to protest outside the prosecutor’s office. 

Jang-seok is surprised when his fellow prosecutors storm his office and inform him that they have requested an arrest warrant for Dong-ho. On the other hand, Dong-ho had already asked Yeon-suk and Jeong-yeon to abandon him to survive. He expected Su-jin to pull this off, but he didn’t expect Yeon-suk to ignore his order and help him. 

Yeon-suk interrupts Su-jin’s press conference as she denies the accusations against her and proclaims martial law. Su-jin was almost swaying the public with her antics as she insisted that she was innocent. Yeon-suk interrupts and gives more recorded evidence of how Su-jin threatened the Justices. Su-jin is surprised and hides her face in shame.

Dong-ho calls Yeon-suk and asks her to continue tarnishing Su-jin and San-cheon. So Yeon-suk accuses Sang-cheon’s supporters of being spies, and a fight breaks out amng the protesters outside the prosectitors office. Dong-ho orders their arrest, saying they are guilty of insurrection. He puts Pil-gyu in his place. Before walking out, he promises to be back as a citizen and take responsibility for his actions. 

After returning to the Blue House, Yeon-suk pledges her allegiance to him again. He asks her to write a list of all innocent politicians that need to be safeguarded. He then sends his prosecutors to go after the justices who sided with Su-jin, fires and arrest Pil-gyu and refuses to give Jang-seok more time to deal with the internal conflict at the prosecutor’s office.

The justices refuse to talk, and half of the prosecutors refuse to work. To deal with this, Dong-ho leaks information to the media that one of the justices is cooperating. 

Upon hearing this, Yeong-ik quickly plans a meeting to bribe the three justices on their side. Don-ho anticipates this and calls Sang-woon to tell him where his dad holds such meetings. He promises Sang-woon he will help him get the company if he cooperates.

Yeong-ik and Sang-jin are caught red-handed trying to bribe the justices and are immediately arrested. Dong-ho then turns his attention to Sang-cheon and uncovers how he got his family killed. He shares the information with the media, and Sang-cheon loses the support of his political party and followers. 

Su-jin starts to shake in her boots as she waits for Dong-ho to come for her next. She visits him at the Blue House and recalls how happy she, Dong-ho and President Jang II Jun were when they first got to the Blue House.

Dong-ho asks her to go down with the 50 assembly members who received illegal campaign funds. As they talk, Su-jin gets a call from her daughter that the police are raiding the house. She rushes home to comfort her daughter.

Su-jin spends the night thinking about Dong-ho’s final request. She writes a few things on her laptop, and the episode ends with Jeong-yeon rushing to Dong-ho’s office. She starts to inform him about Su-jin, and the episode ends with a cliffhanger. Jeez! What did Su-jin do now?

The Episode Review

Did Su-jin kill herself? Was she writing a suicide letter on her laptop? That seems unlike her, so she must have done something else, but what is it? Curiosity is killing us!

This episode showed that Dong-ho is serious about everyone paying the price and he is leading the charge. He has finally cornered Su-jin, and at this point, it is unlikely that she will come out unscathed.

With two chapters left, what card does Su-jin have up her sleeve? Let us dive into the next episode to find out.

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