The Wheel Of Time – Season 2 Episode 6 “Eyes Without Pity” Recap & Review

Eyes Without Pity

At the beginning of The Wheel Of Time season 2 episode 6, the High Lord has captured Egwene, and her sul’dam Renna is dragging her along. We find out that she is Renna’s damane and that any harm done to her sul’dam will be compounded over to her.

Following that, we see Rand chained and standing before Lanfear. He confronts her about her deception, but she goes on to brainwash him against Moiraine. He probes for details on Ishmael’s whereabouts. She does, however, agree to tell him as long as he leaves Moiraine immediately.

When Rand comes to, we find that he has indeed taken Lanfear’s words to heart. Even though Moiraine attempts to discourage him from leaving alone by claiming that Lanfear is a forsaken, he goes away.

The focus then shifts to Nynaeve and Elayne. The Yellow Ajah Ryma appears to be looking out for them. When Ryma probes more, Nynaeve reveals that Liandrin has allied herself with the dark ones. In light of this information, Ryma has come to the conclusion that Liandrin is a Black Ajah and a danger to all the sisters at the white tower.

Loial is shown as being compelled to serve and entertain Lady Suroth. Following this, Loial learns from Ingtar that the Horn of Valere is left unguarded in Turak’s room of curiosities. Loial also finds out the location of Nynaeve’s confinement. He tells Ingtar that Nynaeve will hold out until help arrives.

While Liandrin is caring for her son, Lanfear pays her a visit. Following this, she appears to be killing Liandrin’s son, despite her pleading.

Ishmael, in the meantime, pays a visit to Min. He continues by saying that she must unite Matt and Rand in order for him to get rid of her curse. The repercussions are not lost on Min, but she sees no other way out.

The action then switches to Lan, who is shown trying to sneak away from Alanna and her warder. As soon as they become aware of this, they capture Lan and force him to reveal the truth. Following this, Lan admits that he is going to see Siuan Sanche about something involving Moiraine.

Ishmael comes to Rand, though Lanfear pushes him away to fulfill her promise to Rand. To gain his trust, she then offers to arrange for him to have a dream interaction with anyone he wants. Following this, he asks to meet Egwene.

When Rand visits Egwene, he witnesses her plight as a prisoner of the High Lord. As a consequence, Rand is willing to do anything Lanfear asks of him to help Egwene.

Yellow Ajah Ryma asks Nynaeve and Elayne to visit Siuan Sanche so they can tell her about Liandrin. However, Elayne and Nynaeve tell Ryma that they won’t go until they rescue their friend Egwene from the High Lord’s clutches.

In the meantime, Lan pays an unexpected visit to Siuan Sanche, who seems rather taken aback to see him.

Rand goes to Logain to find answers to his worries. Then, Logain tells him to stop resisting his channelling abilities and start using them. When trying to rein in his channelling, Rand hurts himself.

Rand bumps into Matt not long after. It’s a reunion, so naturally, they talk about their close friends. Following this, Matt asks Rand to tell him everything.

Elayne and Nynaeve are given details by Ryma regarding the damane. She then proceeds to show the collar chain, requesting that they attempt to unlock it as a means to save Egwene.

Meanwhile, Egwene keeps trying to harm Renna so she can walk free. However, she keeps injuring herself in the process. Egwene also receives a beating from Renna, who eventually snaps.

Rand and Matt are about to go to Falme. Once Min reveals that he is destined to kill Rand in Falme, however, he is unable to leave. Moiraine and the other sisters of the white tower have been summoned by Siuan Sanche.

Lan and Alanna arrive just as Rand is ready to leave on his own. Following this, Lan tells Rand that they can’t let him go.

When Ryma, Nynaeve, and Elayne are attempting to unlock the chain, Nynaeve channels more power. As a result, the High Lord’s followers are tipped off as to their whereabouts. Following this, Ryma sacrifices herself and asks Nynaeve to help the sisters in her place.

It seems as though Egwene is having a hard time under Renna’s control. As the episode draws to a close, Egwene finally breaks, and she can’t help but scream.

The Episode Review

The Wheel of Time season 2 episode 6 focuses on all the primary characters. Rand is about to leave for Falme when Lan appears and stops him. Meanwhile, after being subjected to Renna’s relentless torture, Egwene eventually breaks.

When Matt discovers that he is destined to kill Rand, he has no choice but to abandon Rand. In addition, Moiraine and the other sisters of the White Tower are summoned by Siuan Sanche.

The episode advances the storyline’s progression and the characters’ journey. The lengths to which the group of friends will go for each other and the depths of their bond are a true testimonial to the camaraderie between them.

There are numerous deviations from the source material in this adaptation. However, the show is succeeding admirably in its goal of thrilling and entertaining the audience.

In the final moments of the episode, Egwene breaks. It’ll be interesting to see the manner in which the plot unfolds moving forward.

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