The Wheel Of Time – Season 2 Episode 5 “Damane” Recap & Review


Episode 5 of The Wheel Of Time Season 2 begins with Lady Suroth and Ishamael appearing with Loial in front of High Lord Turak. Lady Suroth has earned the wrath of the High Lord since she defied his orders and conquered a village that was too far outside their present reach. Lady Suroth is then excluded from the court council until she is presentable.

Following that, Ishamael gives the Horn Of Velere to the High Lord. The High Lord declares that the entire globe will be theirs with the power of the horn.

We are transported to the woods, where Rand and Moiraine are fleeing Lanfear. Lanfear swiftly heals from her injuries and continues pursuing them. Meanwhile, Moiraine borrows horses from a stable and rides off with Rand towards Tar Valor. Lanfear, on the other hand, immediately follows suit by stealing a horse from a passerby.

We quickly realise that Rand and Moiraine fooled Lanfear and are heading in a different direction but she is determined to find them.

While with Elyas, Perrin discovers that they are not travelling in the same direction as his companions. Perrin resolves to travel by himself to help his friends since he is aware of Liolal’s capture and the danger they’re currently in.

An image of Uno is presented to Perrin by a wolf as he prepares to help Loial and Ingtar. He finds out that Uno’s body is not buried. Perrin then rushes to properly bury his friend. He does come across a female Aiel in a cage, though. He attempts to help her, but a man cautions him against doing so because the commotion might lead to his imprisonment.

We quickly learn that Eamon is alive. During his talk with Dain, he appears to be wary of the Aiel girl. Perrin, who is a guest in the inn, overhears their exchange. In an effort to determine if the Aiel girl was involved in the most recent Seanchan attacks, Eamon can be seen questioning Dain.

A brown Ajah named Verin pays Tar Valour a visit. She is seen seeking details regarding Nynaeve and Egwene. Liandrin has imprisoned Nynaeve, Egwene, and Elayne in the meantime.

Shortly after, Liandrin confesses to Nynaeve that she’s working for the Dark Ones. We also discover that Liandrin wanted Nynaeve to join the army of the Dark One rather than the Red Ajah. The reason behind Liandrin’s actions has to do with her sick son. The Dark Ones seem to have offered to save her son in exchange for her joining their ranks.

Perrin frees Aviendha from the cage in the interim. The Whitecloaks then encircle them but Perrin and Aviendha, however, manage to kill them and escape.

Elsewhere, Rand and Moiraine are trying to escape Lanfear. They visit Moiraine’s sister to borrow horses for their journey while trying to get away from her. While discussing, Moiraine runs into her nephew Barthanes and we discover that he is marrying Queen Galldrian.

We are transported to Tar Valor and we understand that meeting Nynaeve and Egwene is on Verin’s mind. Sheriam appears to have forgotten a note of them signing out, though. She continues by talking about how they went to Elayne’s house.

Sheriam is persuaded to leave her desk by Verin. Yasicca then succeeds in sneaking into the space. She continues to review the logs and finds a tremor. Yasicca draws the conclusion that Sheriam signed it as a consequence of coercion. Following that, she notifies Verin that the White Tower is home to one Black Ajah member.

Lady Suroth receives a visit from Liandrin who hands Nynaeve, Egwene, and Elayne to her after a verbal fight. The trio uses every means at their disposal to get away. Nynaeve and Elayne do succeed in escaping, but Egwene is left behind.

We are then transported to Perrin and Aviendha’s whereabouts. Aviendha is flirting with Perrin, and they intend to travel to Falme. Meanwhile, Nynaeve and Elayne learn that Perrin and Loial are in Falme. As a consequence, they start to look for them. A man, however, attacks them.

When Liandrin returns, she runs into Verin and she mentions the novices. Liandrin then goes on to say that she heard they might have been attacked. Verin’s suspicions are quickly stirred by Liandrin’s claims.

Moiraine is anxious for Rand’s well-being. Moiraine then approaches her sister and partially confides in her who asserts that Rand may not require her protection after all. This appears to make things better for Moiraine.

Meanwhile, Lanfear and Ishamael have a fascinating talk inside a dream realm. We learn that Lanfear had to turn to the Dark One out of desperation. Ishamael also asks Lanfear to describe Rand. She goes on to say that he’s soft and doesn’t want anything to do with his powers.

When Nynaeve and Elayne wake up, they find themselves in a room and they meet Ryma, a yellow Ajah. She goes on to tell them the danger they’re in at the town, as they are able to channel.

Ishamael is awakened from his sleep because the High Lord has requested an audience with him. Lady Suroth then delivers Egwene to the High Lord. He is subsequently made aware of her abilities, and she is tied in the hopes of them training her.

Moiraine pays a visit to Rand’s room near the end of the episode. She then tells him that, according to the scriptures, Lanfear loved Rand, aka the Dragon Reborn. She continues to inform him that he loved her before he met his wife. But she joined forces with the Dark One in the hopes of reuniting with Rand.

Moiraine advises Rand to sleep and allow Lanfear to visit him so he can learn about Ishamael’s plans through her. Rand falls asleep and is then transported in front of Lanfear. She is sitting on a throne, while he is bound to a wheel.

The Episode Review

During episode 5 of The Wheel Of Time Season 2, Liandrin makes a confession regarding her affiliation with the Dark Ones. Nynaeve and Elayne successfully evade capture by Lady Suroth. Nevertheless, Egwene is left behind and later on, introduced to the High Lord. Perrin and Aviendha make their way to Falme while Rand falls asleep and meets Lanfear.

The episode constructs a fascinating storyline focused on morally questionable characters such as Lanfear and Liandrin. The backstory for their acts is compelling, and you can sympathise with them to a certain degree. However, you won’t find yourself rooting for them.

It also provides insight into why the friends split up. Nynaeve and Elayne appear in the city of Falme and we learn that Perrin is travelling there as well. It will be fascinating to see if and when they all get back together.

It is worth mentioning that Season 2 of the Amazon Original show does a decent job of establishing The Wheel of Time universe and introducing the more sinister characters from the book. Although certain liberties are taken with the original material, the production is still interesting and exciting.

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