The Wheel Of Time – Season 2 Episode 4 “Daughter of the Night” Recap & Review

Daughter of the Night

In episode 4 of The Wheel Of Time season 2, Ishmael helps a terrified, blood-covered woman who may be another forsaken similar to himself. Elsewhere, Lady Anvaere awakes in Cairhien to the shocking news that her older sister has returned to the city after an absence of decades. Moiraine, herself, is the person in question.

When Selene’s inn burned down the night before, Rand kindly declined her offer to stay at her parent’s cottage in the Foregate since it was being rebuilt. However, he eventually gives in. Meanwhile, Nynaeve, despite her recent acceptance, is having trouble resolving her feelings about what transpired in the arches.

Lan, who no longer has a bond, does not know what to do next. However, he denies having to serve as a warder for a different Aes Sedai once Alanna informs him about Nynaeve passing through the arches.

Despite her sister’s generous offer of tea and snacks, Moiraine declines and instead leaves for the Cairhien Sanatorium. Rand’s channelling abilities are something she believes Logain can help him master. In return, Moiraine will provide the fake dragon with the sole thing he wants more than anything else: a dagger to kill himself.

When Liandrin learns about a string of assaults across the Western Shore, he begins to wonder why Leane Sharif hasn’t done more to stop them. When Amyrlin Seat Siuan is abroad, the White Tower is under the supervision of Leanne, the Keeper of the Chronicles.

Perrin learns more about who he truly is. As per Elyas, both of them are considered to be Wolf Brothers. They share a special psychic bond with the wild creatures, allowing them to interpret the animals’ dreams and converse with them. Meanwhile, Elyas had been keeping tabs on Perrin for several months. However, he has been hesitant to approach him given that Wolf Brothers typically avoid women with channelling abilities, and that he was surrounded by Aes Sedai’s.

Mat and Min are having a great time at the tavern. However, Mat is the sole person who has been drinking, while Min is patiently waiting to be told where she should take him. Min then has a terrible dream in which she is coerced into becoming a fortune teller. Following that, she runs into Ishmael, who tells her that she should bring Mat to Cairhien.

After coming out from the arches, Nynaeve tells Liandrin of the discomfort she’s been experiencing. In return, Liandrin reveals the identity of the son she has kept hidden for the past eight decades. Liandrin subsequently gives Nynaeve the update regarding Perrin. The Aes Sedai appear to be aware of the attacks around the West, but they are doing little to help.

Amidst Lan’s ongoing struggle to recover from his split with Moiraine, Alanna discovers the poem scribbled in blood amongst his belongings. She seems really worried as she reads it over.

When Nynaeve learns that Perrin and Loial have been captured, she seeks out her friend Egwene and both of them plan to escape the tower to rescue their companions. When Elayne catches up to them, she and her companions are attacked by Liandrin, who first apologises before unleashing her power to attack them.

Moiraine has gone to the Foregate in search of Rand, but he has disappeared into the mountains to spend time with Selene. Moiraine spends the day in Cairhien looking for Rand and is greeted by Anvaere when she returns to her bedroom. Anvaere demonstrates that she is every bit as crafty as her older sibling, convincing Moiraine that she must have tea along with her if she ever hopes to locate Rand.

After an enjoyable evening together, Rand and Selene are awoken by an attack brought on by Fade, prompting Rand to channel and kill the monster. Selene appears to be very afraid of Rand as well as his abilities at first. Nonetheless, she immediately gives in and assures him that she can accept him just the way he is.

The contents of the cryptic poem are then revealed. The Forsaken Lanfear, aka the Daughter of the Night, is predicted to return within this prophecy. It turns out that Selene has always been the Night’s Daughter. Soon after, during sex, she lets Rand in on her actual nature. Fortunately, Moiraine shows up just in time and cuts Selene’s throat.

Rand, continuing to see the world through rose-colored glasses, takes some time to appreciate Moiraine’s effort in killing his beloved. However, after Moiraine reveals who Selene truly is, Rand leaves with her. Selene’s face is shown up close during the closing shot, and we find out that she is alive and well.

The Episode Review

Episode 4 of The Wheel Of Time season 4 spices things up by introducing an intriguing and unexpected foe. Moiraine reconnects with her roots, whilst Liandrin and Nynaeve find solace in their mutual loss. Nynaeve and Egwene, after hearing dreadful news, decide to get out of the White Tower.

So far, this is the season’s finest instalment. The revelation that Selene is actually the Daughter of The Night is a fascinating turn of events. The actress who plays Selene is also outstanding in her role. She manages to win us over at first sight. My jaw dropped at the unexpected turn of events.

Perrin’s story has also taken an intriguing turn. His plotline hasn’t been particularly interesting up until this point. It will be interesting to watch what happens now that he is a member of the clan of the Wolf Brothers.

Even more so than usual, Liandrin excelled in this episode. As a rule, it’s pleasant when a grey character turns out to have some sort of motivation for their actions. In episode 4, Liandrin finally confides in Nynaeve about her son, and the audience can’t help but feel sympathy for her plight.

As a whole, it was a fascinating episode to watch, and it’s easily one of the finest that the Amazon series has made thus far. Seeing the way the story develops in the upcoming episodes should be fascinating.

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