The Weakest Tamer Began a Journey to Pick Up Trash – Episode 12 Recap, Review & Ending Explained

Episode 12

The Weakest Tamer Began a Journey to Pick Up Trash Episode 12 opens with us learning that Ivy, Sora and the adventurers’ guild have managed to take down the organization and all those who were part of it are behind bars. Ivy then receives a huge sum of money as a reward for helping the group take down the organization.

Following this, Ivy and Sora head to the forest to catch some field mice. Ivy is trying her best to find mice, but she’s unable to. Shortly after, Ciel shows up and helps Ivy catch plenty of field mice. Following this, Ivy sells the field mice and the shopkeeper compliments her for always getting him fresh meat.

Does Ivy share her secret?

Following this, Ivy joins the group for a meal. They then compliment Ivy and Sora for helping them take down the organization. We then see Ivy thinking back on the fortune teller’s words, who asked her to open up about everything when she finds her people. Following this, Ivy reveals her secret of having no stars and running from her village to the group. The group treats Ivy with compassion and this tears Ivy up. Following this, the group asks Ivy to stay back in their village for longer. However, Ivy is keen on embarking on new adventures.

How does The Weakest Tamer Season 1 End?

The following morning, the entire group has shown up to say their goodbyes to Ivy. After the emotional moment, Ciel pops up and Ivy makes her way with her and Sora towards the forest.

The Episode Review

In episode 12, Ivy, Sora, and the group successfully take down the organization. Ivy treats us with some amusing field mice math. We see Ivy put her faith in the group and she reveals her secret to them. Ciel makes an enjoyable appearance and keeps you entertained.

The storyline of the show continues to be incredibly fascinating and enjoyable, laced with emotional moments. The characters and their arcs are the best quality of the show and this episode does justice to that. While the episode doesn’t end on a happily ever after note, it does end on a hopeful note and it gives us some food for thought, which is fantastic.

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