The Weakest Tamer Began a Journey to Pick Up Trash – Episode 3 Recap & Review

Toward Those Remembered Days

The Weakest Tamer Began a Journey to Pick Up Trash Episode 3 opens in the past timeline. We see Femicia’s mother give birth to her. Femicia’s parents appear ecstatic about becoming parents. We see that Femicia grows up in a home where she is cherished.

A fortune teller pays Femicia a visit at her house a few years down the road. Although Femicia does speak a little, her mother expresses her concerns to the fortune teller about the stars and skills her daughter would receive, saying that she is fairly strange. The fortune teller, nevertheless, reassures Femicia’s mother that she should not be concerned.

When Femicia’s mother walks away for a bit, the fortune teller tells Femicia that she’s aware of the fact that Femicia has memories of her past life. However, the fortune teller tells Femicia that she needs to keep this hidden from her mother.

When Femicia turns five, her abilities and stars are revealed to her parents and those present. They learn that Femicia is a tamer, but has no stars. Because of this, Femicia’s neighbours and family start abandoning her. Since the gods have looked down on her, her fellow villagers see her as a danger to society and are plotting her murder.

Following this, Femicia leaves her house and disappears into the woods. At this spot, she has her second encounter with the fortune teller, who foretells her fate as a wandering traveller. Nevertheless, she cautions her to ensure the kindness of the villagers if she wants to settle down. Furthermore, she advises Femicia to be honest with those locals about her situation.

Femicia finds out in the current day that Soro was actually helping with her wound’s healing. This is followed by the observation that Femicia’s wound has completely healed. Furthermore, Soro has grown to a respectable size and has started to make some noises. Finally, Femicia learns that she has Soro by her side, and the episode ends with this revelation.

The Episode Review

The third episode finds Femicia staying with her loving parents. At her impending fifth birthday, she will be bestowed with a special ability. Nobody can say for sure what talent they’ll get. Whatever the gods decide is up to them. A revelation completely disrupts Femicia’s lifelong dream of becoming a monster tamer.

As we delve into Femicia’s past and childhood in this episode, it’s almost impossible not to feel compassion for her. Furthermore, after seeing the cards she has been dealt with, we can’t help but admire her strength in the face of adversity and her grounded, unassuming demeanour.

The show succeeds as a whole because its plot delves further and farther into existentialism and makes everything quite philosophical. Femicia and Sora, the main characters, are charming and engaging since they are both adorable and formidable. Having said that, this episode stood out beautifully from the rest. It’ll be interesting to see how the storyline unfolds moving forward.

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