The Watchful Eye – Season 1 Episode 10 Recap,Review & Ending Explained

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Episode 10 of The Watchful Eye starts with Scott and his fellow officers dragging Matthew out of his house, leaving behind a scared Jasper and a confused Elena. Tory is also surprised to see Elena in Matthew’s shirt in the wee hours of the morning.

Elsewhere, Alex finds themselves locked in James’ bathroom and heavy music playing as she screams for help and threatens James.

At the station, Scott interrogates Matthew after new evidence in Allie’s case comes to light. Apparently, Allie left a letter accusing Matthew of being responsible should anything happen to her.  However, Matthew doesn’t answer his question, he only asks how Scott knows Elena.

At the Greybourne’s, Mrs Ivey, Tory, Dick and Otis have a meeting about how to handle Matthew’s arrest. Tory is on Matthew and Jasper’s side while the other family members worry about protecting the reputation of the family.  Tory calls in Elena and asks if she saw or heard anything and Elena responds that she is also clueless.

The family lawyer, Victor Marcado arrives and Mrs Ivey escorts Elena outside. She tells Elena to be patient as she can’t withdraw the funds on that day. She asks Elena to give her the documents as a show of good faith but Mrs Ivey is called away before Elena can respond.

Elena gets a call from her brother asking her to meet him at a restaurant for breakfast. Elena says she can’t make it as Matthew has been arrested. Teo insists that she meets him as she is unsafe at the Greybourne. Elena promises to meet him.

Meanwhile, Roman is overwhelmed by the reporters calling to ask about Matthew’s arrest. He shares his concern with Bennet who tells him it is useless to worry as they can’t help. She prefers leaving the Greybourne and heading to Miami for a little vacation with Roman.

Elena arrives at the restaurant and is unpleasantly surprised to only find her mom who asks to be part of her con and threatens her using Teo. She later goes to visit Matthew and hassles Scott to let him see him. Scott hesitantly agrees and listens in on the conversation between Elena and Scott.  Matthew insists that he didn’t kill Allie and Elena tells him that someone must be framing him. She promises to help him and take care of Jasper in the meantime.

After meeting with Matthew, she has a talk with Scott and accuses him of acting jealous. Scott insists they have evidence that Matthew killed his wife and he won’t protect Elena if she is too close to Matthew. Elena leaves after telling him she is willing to take her chances of having him as an enemy. On the way back to the Greybourne, Elena gets a call from her mom who is anxious to know how the plan is coming along. Elena informs her that there is a family emergency but her mom insists she figures out a way to get the money. After hanging up, she is abducted by James.

Meanwhile, Ginny gets a call from Kim who is worried that Alex is not replying to texts or picking up calls. She is more concerned because Alex’s phone shows she is at James’ place. Ginny offers to go and Kim warns her not to go alone.

Elena is surprised to hear Alex calling for help. James accuses Alex of snooping around and landing themselves in trouble. Alex yells to inform Elena that James was the one who stole her phone at the masquerade party. James states that Morgan came running to him sharing big secrets about the family. Elena asks if she killed her and James says Morgan is in Topico. He explains that the secrets he learnt from Morgan gave him a way in and he took the opportunity to blackmail the family.

Ginny and Roman arrive and they rescue Elena and Alex. Elena takes James’ gun and asks him to confess the truth. James explains he was involved with transporting Dick after Otis beat him to a pulp. He was also ordered to watch and threaten Elena by Mrs Ivey. He confesses he didn’t kill Allie but Mrs Ivey wanted her out of the way. He tells Elena she probably won’t get a cent from Mrs Ivey.

At the police station, the family lawyer lays his terms for helping Matthew. He asks Matthew to give up his proxy seat on the board. Matthew agrees at first until he learns that it means giving up on Jasper too. Matthew refuses and says he will prove his innocence in his own way but he won’t sell out his son.

After hearing that Mrs Ivey wanted her dealt with, Elena heads straight to Tory. She asks for 5 million for the information she has about Allie’s death. Tory is shocked to learn the truth about everyone. It seems everyone has been keeping deadly secrets from her. She is also deeply hurt by Mrs Ivey’s betrayal.  To prove her story, Elena asks her to watch the surveillance footage in Matthew’s apartment and she claims not to know about the cameras. Elena deduces that they must belong to Mrs Ivey.

Elena calls her mom and informs her about the change of plans. Elena asks for Teo in return once she gets the money.

At the police station, Scott listens in on Elena’s phone conversations with her mom and learns about the birth certificate and the money Elena is getting from Tory.  Scott traces Elena to the bank and asks her to hand over the birth certificate. Scott threatens to arrest her if she refuses. Elena begrudgingly gives him the certificate.

Speaking of Tory, she confronts Mrs Ivey and she is shattered to learn more about what happened to Allie. Mrs Ivey notifies her that her husband, Dick was actually the one who led Allie to her early grave. She had asked Dick to simply scare Allie but he went to the extreme.  Dick wanted a seat on the board and was willing to do anything to get there. After Tory left, Jocelyn appears to  Mrs Ivey and scolds her for rejecting her and living for her killers.  Mrs Ivey insists that she is still a Greybourne.

In the meantime, Kim returns from her trip and Ginny and Alex excitedly welcome her back.  Ginny asks them to talk about Elena.

On the other hand, Elliot visits Darcy and expresses his worry. He tells her that he was in her attic room to leave her a note and he found a paper of her practising Allie’s handwriting in her trash. He asks Darcy to confide in him but she pushes him away and says she was only using him out of boredom. In a flashback, we learn that she was the one who wrote the letter that Allie supposedly left accusing Matthew of plotting to kill her. While Darcy wallows in what she has done to protect her father, Bennet and Roman leave for their Miami trip.

Outside the Greybourne, Scott meets with Elena’s mom at a restaurant.

How Does The Watchful Eye End?

Later, Elena tries to cheer up Jasper and sees Allie’s ghost smiling at her. On the other side of the wall, Tory prepares Dick a drink with most of the things he is allergic to. Dick unknowingly drinks it and Tory threatens to watch him die if he fails to tell her the truth about Allie’s death.

According to Dick, Allie was not supposed to die. He gave her some pills to make her mental health deteriorate and the pills caused Allie to have suicidal thoughts and delusions. He was there the night Allie jumped but he didn’t try to stop her. Hector saw him after Allie fell and started bribing him. Dick got tired of paying him and killed the guy.

He also confesses to drugging Elena and making her see delusions. He wanted her to be fired after the drug test. After his confession, Tory gives him the antidote. Unfortunately, Dick continues to beg for her forgiveness saying that he did her a favour as she was always jealous of Allie.

In a fit of rage, Tory grabs a pair of scissors when Dick shows no remorse and stabs three times, killing him instantly. Concurrently, Elliot goes to Elena and tells her about Darcy framing Matthew. Elena rushes to tell Tory but is shell-shocked to see her standing over Dick’s dead body.

The episode ends with Tory telling Elena that they will need a shovel.

The Episode Review

What an ending! I didn’t expect Tory to kill her husband. The episode concludes on a cliffhanger making us wonder what will happen to the characters. Most of them have criminal cases to answer for and hopefully, we will get another season so that we can see them pay the consequences.

All in all, episode 10 explained who is behind Allie’s death and I am glad we finally got an answer to that. I am still shocked that James had the villain role in the story, yet we barely saw him throughout the show. Even when we saw him, he seemed like he had nothing to do with the Greybournes. That was an interesting twist though.

All in all, this has been an enjoyable series, even with the cliffhanger ending. What about you guys though. What did you think? Let us know what your favourite twist in the show was!

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