The Watchful Eye – Season 1 Episode 3 “The Nanny Who Knew Too Much” Recap & Review

The Nanny Who Knew Too Much

Episode 3 of the Watchful Eye starts with Elena having another dream about  Jocelyn. In the dream, Jocelyn tells her that she also had trouble sleeping at the Greybourne.

The next morning, Elena meets with Scott at their park and shares with him her troubling dream. Scott tells her that she is just getting rattled by the recent events that have happened. He asks her to focus on finding the ruby. Despite being spooked by the discovery of Hector’s lifeless body, she assures Scott of her determination to find what she’s searching for.

She returns to the Greybourne and meets the new doorman, Roman, and sees Tory as she exits the elevator. Roman informs Elena that Tory and Dick will be away for the weekend. Later, Elena confides in Ginny about her unsettling experiences and Ginny offers her support.

At the Wards’ apartment, Matthew tells Elena that Candace will care for Tory’s plants while she’s away. Elena takes Jasper to the park and encounters Darcy, who mentions her film studies course. Elliot appears, and Elena enlists him to join her and Darcy to watch movies together later that night. Elliot is excited as he likes Darcy.

At the park. while Jasper plays with his remote-controlled car, Elena receives a call from her mother, Ronnie, who is incarcerated and requests Elena’s support for her early release. Despite Ronnie’s threats, Elena declines to help her due to Ronnie’s history of stealing from their family. Elena blames her mom for turning her into a life of crime.

Later that night, Elena contacts Scott and tells him about Ronnie’s call. Elena wants to know how Ronnie got her number. Scott promises to investigate, and he also invites her to dinner. Elena declines and decides to search Tory’s office while Darcy and Elliot are occupied with the movies. But before she can go, Ginny, Kim, and Alex arrive to cleanse Elena’s room. This makes Elena late for the movie plans she had with Elliot and Darcy.

James also shows up at the ghost exorcism party. He apologizes for how he left the bar the last time. He tells Elena that Morgan signed an NDA and she can’t speak about what happened while she worked for Allie. As they talk, Elena has another vision of Jocelyn. She and James get back to their friends and they discuss the history of the building. Throughout, Alex tries to get James’ attention, she has a crush on him.

Meanwhile, Elliot goes to Tory’s apartment, only to find that Bennet is throwing a party. They smoke marijuana in a separate room, and Darcy shows Elliot the Alistair Greybourne’s pocket watch. While talking, they kiss and it seems like Darcy likes him too.

Elena decides to visit Elliot, but they bump into each other in the hallway. Elliot informs her that Tory and Dick are returning, and they need to clear the apartment. Elena sends Elliot home since he’s under the influence. Bennet asks Roman for assistance in getting rid of her friends. Roman uses the freight elevator to help them escape undetected. Darcy worries about what Tory will do to Bennet if she finds the house ruined.

Elena, Ginny, Kim, Alex, and James storm Tory’s apartment, and with Roman’s help, they send party-goers away via the freight elevator. Elena searches Tory’s office and discovers a brochure for the Greybourne with a picture of Alistair and Otis Winthrop. She notices familiar symbols on their suits and takes the brochure with her. Tory returns and everything seems normal.

After saying goodbye to Kim in the lobby, Elena is left alone to investigate the portrait. She notices a symbol on a round piece attached to the top of the frame and presses it to reveal a key to the basement dining room locker.

Inside the locker, Elena finds envelopes with the initials A.G. and letters from Jocelyn to Alistair. The letters mention Otis Winthrop and his offer to purchase the Greybourne hotel from Salazar, whose bankruptcy papers Elena also finds. After reviewing the documents, Elena goes to bed but is awakened in the middle of the night by a woman’s cries and a banging on her door.

She sees a shadow at the end of the corridor but manages to escape to her room and lock the door. The next day, Elena shares her theory about Otis Winthrop III being connected to Jocelyn’s death and the ruby’s whereabouts with Scott, but he mocks her instead.

Elena gets angry and threatens to expose him to his captain and he threatens to send her to jail like her mom. Elena decides to leave and heads to the park where she texts Morgan. They agree to meet and Morgan asks her to be careful and delete all their messages.

She heads to the Greybourne building and finds Benett gifting a drink to Roman. Roman tells Benett that he doesn’t drink but invites her to have coffee. Bennett spots Elena and thanks her for her help fixing the house after the party. She goes back to the basement and rereads Jocelyn’s letters hoping to find a clue.

On her way out of the basement, Roman sees her. It turns out that she got Roman the job at the Greybourne to help her get around the building easily. However, they pretend not to know each other. While talking to Roman,  she gets a clue and thinks that the ruby is at the Chans’ apartment where Ginny works.

The Episode Review

The people at the Greybourne have secrets dating back decades and Elena is playing with fire trying to uncover them. She might be searching for treasure but she is finding more than she bargained for.  Her deal with Roman is smart but I am sure Roman is aware of her plans. Is she going to give him a cut and does Scott know?

After hearing that Morgan signed an NDA, I am more curious than ever to find out what went down with Allie.

Scott is a horrible partner, he disregards everything Elena’s feelings and intuition. He is only focused on matters that only relate to the ruby.

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