The Watchful Eye – Season 1 Episode 2 “Hide and Seek” Recap & Review

Hide and Seek

Episode 2 of The Watchful Eye starts off with Scott and Elena engaging in a conversation in a park regarding the ruby. Elena shares her troubling dream with him, where she encountered a woman named Jocelyn. Despite being spooked by the discovery of Hector’s lifeless body, she assures Scott of her determination to find what she’s searching for.

Upon returning to Greybourne, Elena ventures back to the basement and attempts to unlock the locker she found in the former dining room, but to no avail. This time, she hears voices and encounters Cecil. When questioned about her basement visit, she fabricates a story about losing an earring.

Elena then heads to Ward’s apartment and eavesdrops on an argument between Matthew and Tory, seemingly over the ownership of Greybourne property, in which young Jasper holds a rightful stake. Elena discreetly enters the apartment without being noticed and after Tory leaves, reveals herself to Matthew. He provides her with Jasper’s schedule for the week, which she records on her phone. Matthew expresses his sadness for the loss of Allie, to which Elena offers words of comfort and reassurance, reminding him that he has Jasper and herself for support.

At the Arts Center, Elena brings Jasper, who is now very familiar with her. There, she meets Kim and Alex, the babysitters she had encountered at the park a few days ago. From them, she learns about Jasper’s former nanny, Morgan, who was almost the same age as Elena and very close to the Ward family. However, one day, Morgan vanished without a trace. The rumours were that Allie had dismissed Morgan, and then a few weeks later, Allie passed away.

Kim and Alex also express their suspicion that Matthew may be involved in Allie’s death as he was not happy about her firing Morgan, as he was having an affair with her. Elena expresses shock at this revelation and points out that Matthew doesn’t look like the type to have a torrid affair with the help.

Upon arriving at her living space, Elena finds a gift-wrapped iPad with a note from Matthew. Tory soon arrives to provide a drug test kit, which is a requirement of Elena’s nanny contract. After Tory leaves, Elena speaks to Ginny about Morgan, the previous nanny who had disappeared. Ginny didn’t know her well, but her friend James was close to her.

Elena then heads to Ward’s apartment to return the iPad, but Matthew convinces her to keep it to better manage Jasper’s schedule.

Later, when Jasper misses his taekwondo class, the two play hide and seek at Greybourne. While searching for Jasper, Elena catches a glimpse of Jocelyn in a mirror, leaving her shaken. She encounters Tory, who reminds her about the drug test. Seeking help, Elena goes to Ginny’s room and asks for her assistance with the test. In exchange, Elena promises to buy drinks for her and James later. She continues searching for Jasper, but he ultimately reveals himself, and they return to their apartment.

At the apartment, Matthew, Tory, and  Mrs Ivey are talking about a forthcoming gathering that evening regarding the Greybourne trust (the same matter that Matthew and Tory had previously argued about). While Mrs Ivey and Tory argue that Matthew should not be involved as he is not a Greybourne heir, Matthew claims that as the father of Jasper, who is an heir, he must attend the meeting with his son.

At that moment, Elena enters the room accompanied by Candace and hands the drug test specimen to Tory. Matthew is irritated by Tory’s behaviour towards Elena and lashes out at her. The altercation occurs in front of Bennet and Darcy, who afterwards tells Elena how much they enjoyed it. They also inform Elena that Tory is someone who dislikes losing and by disrespecting her in front of everyone, Elena has now become Tory’s new rival after Allie, whether she intended to or not.

On that particular evening, Elena and Ginny go out to a nearby bar where they have drinks. They coincidentally ran into Kim and Alex, and later, James joins the group. Elena sees an opportunity to ask James about Morgan, but he is evasive and acts strangely after her mention of the name. Just then, Elena receives a text from Scott informing her that he is in the bar.

She excuses herself and goes to find him, telling him not to interfere with her plans and after a kiss, she asks him to leave. When Elena returns to the table, she discovers that James has left. The two women finally make their way back to Greybourne, where Elena notices a portrait in the lobby. It was of a tray that she had seen in a portrait of Alistair Greybourne in the basement dining room, but the tray in this portrait had an additional item: a key.

Intrigued, she goes back down to the basement to check the tray in Alistair’s portrait, but the key is missing. On her way back, Elena stumbled upon Cecil and Candace making out, but she lies and tells them she is there to pay her respects to Hector. Candace lies too and says they are there to collect Hector’s things. The three of them agree it is best if no one found out that they were in the basement.

Elena meets with Scott and tells him that she has been hearing things and having strange dreams. She thinks Tory planted the smoking joint and later ambushed her with a drug test. She is unsure where the ruby is and wants to know if Scott learned more from his informant. Scott insists that he doesn’t know more and the informant was “crazy.”

He tells her that her mom is out on parole and Elena is not happy to hear this. Scott asks her not to worry, by the time her mom is released, they will be rich, chilling on some island.

She goes back to the building and meets Tory and her husband in the elevator. Dick invites her for dinner someday and Elena warns him about their conversation the night of the party. Elena decides to visit Mrs Ivey and asks her about the former nanny. Mrs Ivey claims she barely remembers Morgan. Elena is distracted by a photo of Mrs Ivey and asks about the people in the photo. Mrs Ivey tells her that she was with her parents and her nanny Jocelyn who died when she was a baby.

Elena goes back to her room and searches the internet to find out more about Jocelyn. It turns out Jocelyn also leapt to her death. Elena becomes scared she has been seeing the ghost of the former nanny.

The Episode Review

Things are getting more interesting and tangled up. Who killed Hector? I don’t think he simply fell down the stairs. I am surprised that the police don’t find the patterns of death in this building suspicious. But then again, the police – or rather Scott – is more interested in becoming a criminal and stealing hidden treasure.

Why did Jocelyn appear in Elena’s dream? Elena needs to be careful, she can’t trust the people in this building and Scott is definitely hiding some things too.

Elena lied that her mom is dead. If her mom gets out of prison early and shows up at the building things will get messy. Sooner or later, it will be hard for her to keep track of all the lies she has been telling.

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