The Watchful Eye – Season 1 Episode 1 “Hen in the Fox House” Recap & Review

Hen in the Fox House

Episode 1 of The Watchful Eye starts on a snow-covered evening, Allie Greybourne Ward sits in her apartment, penning a letter to her loved ones. Upon completing her letter, she rises from her seat and walks over to the nearby window. She pushes aside the curtains and steps out onto the balcony.

A brief moment of stillness follows as the icy winds begin to tousle her hair and garments. Tragically, she leaps from the parapet. Hector, the Greybourne doorman, is startled by the sound of a loud impact and rushes towards it in disbelief. Upon arriving at the scene, he discovers a woman lying motionless in a pool of her own blood. Allie Greybourne Ward has taken her final breath.

Half a year after the tragedy, Elena Santos arrives at the Greybourne building, ready to take on the role of babysitter for Jasper Ward, the son of Matthew Ward and the late Allie Greybourne Ward. The building’s doorman, Hector, escorts her to the apartment of the Wards, where she is introduced to Matthew and his sister-in-law, Tory Ayres.

However, due to her lack of prior childcare experience, Tory informs Elena that she will be notified if she is selected for the job. Disappointed, Elena returns to her shared apartment with her boyfriend, Scott Macedo. It is there that the truth is revealed: they are plotting to steal a valuable ruby hidden within the Greybourne building, using Elena’s newfound position as a cover. As they discuss their scheme, Elena’s phone rings. It’s Tory, offering her the position of Jasper’s babysitter. The couple’s plan is given the go-ahead.

The following day, Elena arrives at the Greybourne with her belongings, where she is greeted by the building’s second doorman, Cecil, who proves to be friendlier than Hector. As she makes her way to the Wards’ apartment, she encounters two young girls, Bennet and her sibling Darcy, who are step-cousins with Jasper. She also meets Mrs Ivey, who she later learns is Allie’s aunt, all residents of the building. Bennet and Darcy kindly show Elena to her quarters and assist her with settling in. That night, while speaking with Scott, Elena hears a faint noise and steps out into the hallway.

As she explores the corridor, Elena encounters a man named Elliot, who resides in the Greybourne building but often comes to this specific area to smoke. They strike up a friendship, and Elliot confides in her about the many incidents of death that have taken place in the building, including suicides, murders, and accidents, among them Allie’s. He explains that no suicide note was found in her apartment. Elliot also warns Elena of the basement, which he believes harbours a sinister presence.

On her first day as a babysitter, Matthew introduces Elena to Jasper, and she quickly becomes friends with the young boy. During a trip to the park, Elena meets two other babysitters, Kim and Alex, who appear friendly but seem to be keeping something about the Greybourne building from her. That evening, as Jasper plays with his legos and Matthew is still at work, Elena takes advantage of the opportunity to search for the ruby. She discovers a map of the entire building, created by Matthew, who is an architect, and takes some photos before Matthew returns.

During a conversation with Elena, Matthew begins to have suspicions about her, which she realizes. Despite this, her shift for the day is finished and she leaves without saying much. In the hallway, she runs into Candace, Tory’s assistant, who is feeling unwell and leaving for the day. Recalling what Matthew told her about Tory hosting a party, and considering that she may need assistance in Candace’s absence, Elena decides to offer her help and knocks on Tory’s door on the same floor.

Initially hesitant, Tory is eventually convinced by Elena, giving her the opportunity to explore the apartment and search for the ruby. At the party, Elena meets Dr Dick Ayres, Tory’s husband, and Bennet and Darcy.

At the party, Matthew takes Elena to the side and starts questioning her about her past. He discovered that she was not actually attending Boston College as she had claimed. Elena explains that she was unable to attend college because she had to take care of her younger brother after their mother passed away and she needed to find work to support them. She apologizes for lying about her college education and promises to be truthful from now on.

Despite her deception, Matthew, who has seen how much Jasper has grown to love Elena, decides to keep her on as Jasper’s babysitter. After the party, Tory thanks Elena for her help and retires for the night, instructing her to clean up and turn off the lights before leaving. Seizing the opportunity, Elena begins searching for the ruby. However, before she can make any progress, she is confronted by Dick, who accuses her of attempting to steal.

However, Elena denies this and warns him not to mess with her. Darcy appears and leads him away. Elena also goes back to her room and dozes off. But she is awakened in the middle of the night by a woman’s arrival. The woman introduces herself as Jocelyn and informs Elena that she has a purpose for being at Greybourne. She also warns Elena not to trust anyone there. When Elena asks her to clarify whom she is referring to, the woman leaves without providing an answer and Elena drifts back to sleep.

The following day, Elena encounters Scott at a coffee shop and shows him the photos of the Greybourne map. She informs him that Matthew is aware of her false college attendance. Scott expresses concern, but Elena reassures him that she handled the situation. Scott emphasizes the significance of the ruby and the importance of acquiring it.

Later, while on the sidewalk with Jasper, the child suddenly tries to dart across the street and Elena saves him from being hit by a car. Upon returning to the Wards’ residence, Tory is furious with Elena, but Mrs Ivey comes to her defence, revealing that she witnessed Elena saving Jasper. Elena decides to show gratitude to Mrs Ivey and brings her some pastries.

Mrs Ivey had her reasons for saving Elena’s job. She invites Elena into her apartment and makes it evident that she knows of Elena’s disguise (although the extent of her knowledge about Elena’s motivations at Greybourne is unclear). Mrs Ivey does not ask Elena about it but instead demands that Elena serve as her informant at the Greybourne. Mrs Ivey believes that her niece Allie’s death was not a suicide, but a murder. Elena’s initial task is to keep watch over Matthew Ward, who was the only person to receive an eight-figure sum after Allie’s death.

That evening, Elena decides to venture into the basement in search of the ruby. She sneaks past the two guards, Cecil and Hector, who are in the midst of a heated argument, and makes her way to the basement door. She picks the lock and descends into a dimly lit, labyrinthine corridor.

After wandering for some time, she opens two doors, one after the other, and enters what was once a grand dining room, now covered in layers of dust and adorned with portraits, including one of Alistair Greybourne, the creator of the building. While exploring, she discovers a locked locker but is unable to open it. There is a keyhole, indicating that a key is required.

As she surveys her surroundings, the door to the room suddenly slams shut. Elena strives to find the hidden door, camouflaged by the wallpaper, and eventually succeeds in locating it, escaping back to the staircase that leads to the ground level, where she comes face to face with the lifeless body of Hector.

The police arrive on the scene and remove Hector’s body. The detective investigating the case is Scott Macedo, who also happens to be Elena’s romantic partner. After a brief conversation, Elena returns to her room. Mrs Ivey is practising yoga in her apartment, with a bright picture of Alistair Greybourne displayed on her dresser. Darcy Ayres opens a box to reveal a piece of paper with the name “Allie Greybourne Ward” written on it, reminiscent of the note Allie left before her suicide.

Tory Ayres is lying in bed next to her husband Dick, gazing at a picture of Matthew Ward. Meanwhile, Matthew is rummaging through his late wife Allie’s wardrobe. It’s clear that everyone involved has their own secrets. The first episode concludes with Elena encountering another babysitter, Ginny, who informs her that there is no one by the name of Jocelyn and they are the only two babysitters residing in the staff quarters.

The Episode Review

This was quite an episode and I enjoyed every moment of it. These characters are very interesting, especially Mrs Ivey and Tory. It is hard to know their next move or what they are think or truly capable of.  Tory might secretly be in love with Matthew and using her nephew as an excuse to be close to him.

Scott being a cop was a twist we didn’t see coming and it makes the story more intriguing. No one in this show is who they say they are and it is no wonder people keep dying. You know what they say, two can keep a secret if one of them is dead.

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