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Peace has been shattered by these voices from musicians who see the world differently. The Warning is a band on the warpath, spearheading an album with so much lyrical and musical energy.

Their sound has a mix of well-tuned guitar parts which are electrifying and atmospheric, and on their album Error, the trio become titans of their art.

Throughout the record, the act up their game at every opportunity, balancing instrumental coherence and whimsical wordplay.

The Warning show the kind of maturity beyond their years with Error. The music has this certain panache, in a volatile but infectious way. And this trio of sisters know how to build perfect songs, tracks that do not shy away from telling stories.

These fables aren’t sugar-coated in any way, and they can’t be dismissed easily. That’s what you want from an act, stories you can relate to and those you can wrap around your mind.

Musically, The Warning is advanced, particularly in the rhythm section. They can play their instruments with fierce pace and they can write songs that are informative and unnerving in a way that doesn’t spook the listener. To be honest, this band from Mexico are the full package.

There are 14 songs here. ‘Choke’ showcases angelic vocals and an acoustic sound until the tension rises with electrifying results – it’s unbelievably good.

‘Evolve’ has the metal effect, and it confirms the taste for destruction. The chorus is fast and volatile; explosive in its execution.

‘Z’ has a brilliant bass-line and the vocals emerge frantically, pushing the limitations. Happiness seems to be dying. ‘Revenant’ opens with an acoustic sound and the calmness is refreshing. The vocal work breathes new life into this.

The Warning is a band managing to create sonic influences. Their album, Error, challenges the status quo and it shows there is no fear.

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  • Verdict - 9/10

12 thoughts on “The Warning – Error | Album Review”

  1. About the time The Warning was getting started a group of songwriters and musicians in Nashville were planning strategy to reinvigorate the musical creativity and enginuity of the 70’s and 80’s. Music in the rock/metal genre was dieing and it wasn’t pretty. And while there are new acts emerging with ability and promise none have hit fans of music with such ferocity and hurricane force as The Warning. Refreshing, compelling and a breath of fresh air. Their timing couldn’t be better for music and their fans who desperately need and appreciate them. Well done lady’s, thank you and God Bless. Peace!

  2. It’s been 30+ years since I fell in love with a band this hard. These ladies blow me away with each new song I listen to. It’s been said to death, on plenty of forums, but this trio just does not have a bad song in their entire catalog.

  3. I love The Warning. I love the personalities of the sisters. I love their unique sound and the message in their music. Their songwriting is top notch. They are unbelievably talented and have worked long and hard to get where they are. Now they are bustin’ loose and rock fans everywhere sitting up and taking notice. Everyone should be Warned!

  4. The Warning have produced an EP and two full albums of incredible originals all as an independent band. Now signed with Lava Records, they have created another masterpiece! It is time for the world to hear and recognize the amazing music this band produces. They are ushering in a new era of the rise of rock back into the mainstream!

  5. I rediscovered these talented young sisters during the Covid lock down, and there hasn’t been a day since that I haven’t played their awesome music. From their first EP: Escape the Mind, then albums- XXI Century Blood, next Queen of The Murder Scene and now Error, you will not find a bad song among them! The more you learn about them be it from the awesome fanbase-TheWarning Army, the early cover video, or the girls themselves with their cute down to earth concert vlogs, FB and IG posts. It is impossible not to love them! You have been Warned! 🤘🏽⚡

  6. I discovered them somewhat by mistake on either Spotify or Instagram in January and within a short time was an avid fan. Hadn’t seen hardly anything live for several years and made a 3 hr trek to see them in Berkeley Ca. in April. Wow I was blown away: not only do they write great songs with poignant lyrics and amazing melodies. They are band that live is sonically an undeniable force. The new ERROR album pulls the straightforward rock EP Mayday that was released last October, all together. It is a cohesive piece beautifully arranged and written! I have seen the future of rock n roll and it’s name is…. Well anyway l, you have been Warned!

  7. Thanks, that’s a nice review on the point! Imagine the age of the three sisters, they are beyond their age, in songwriting and in lyricism! And I love the shredding guitar riffs in many songs! They ate best live, they toured the US and Canada, I hope they‘ll come to Europe soon! Greetings from Germany 👍🤘

  8. Since the first compositions, there are always reflections and warnings on the most varied topics. Sounding like an alert. All, wrapped in music of indisputable quality. It only took a few years for lovers of good rock to awaken.

  9. The Warning are here to salvage, elevate, and resurrect the current condition of contemporary rock. They are the gemstone leading the way to a new era! Long live The Warning!

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