The Walking Dead: Daryl Dixon Season 1 Review – A surprisingly entertaining spin-off series

Season 1



Episode Guide

Episode 1: L’ame Perdue – |  Rating – 4/5
Episode 2: Alouette – |  Rating – 4/5
Episode 3: Paris Sera Toujours Paris – |  Rating – 3/5
Episode 4: La Dame de Fer – |  Rating – 4/5
Episode 5: Deux Amours – |  Rating – 3/5
Episode 6: Coming Home – |  Rating – 4/5


After the success of The Walking Dead original series and the spin-offs, it was inevitable that one of the best characters in the universe would get his own show. That character is, of course, none other than Daryl Dixon (Norman Reedus), who heads up the cast in the France-set, six-episode series. Despite the trepidation of some fans heading into this series, fears are soon put to rest in a blistering first episode that introduces a new set of supporting characters who more than make up the numbers throughout every episode. Daryl is very much the focus, but Isabelle (Clémence Poésy) and Laurent (Louis Puech Scigliuzzi) stand out with their own individual arcs.

The look of the show is different from the parent series, with the talent behind the camera clearly keen on establishing Daryl Dixon as its own thing, and they succeed admirably. The setting of France helps to set it apart from other entries in the series, and the middle episodes’ trip to a rundown Paris is a highlight. The human battles are at the centre of the narrative, with Codron being one of the most enthralling villains the Dead-verse has ever seen. The walkers still appear in their droves, and Daryl has some of his best zombie takedowns, with the supporting characters getting their time to shine as well.

The strength of this first season is the ensemble cast members, who have great chemistry with each other and made it worth tuning in every week. The finale episode is a standout episode, with the return of a very popular character from the original series. Bring on season two. 

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  • Verdict - 8/10

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