The Walking Dead: Daryl Dixon – Season 1 Episode 5 Recap & Review

Deux Amours

In Episode 5 of The Walking Dead: Daryl Dixon, Daryl and Laurent travel down the river on a boat steered by Azlan. The destination they aim for is The Nest, “a special place,” Azlan says, that is “a home for the soul.” 

There’s a flashback to Daryl in Maine, America. He’s walking his bike down the road when he is stopped by a man named Jones, who stops his truck behind him and asks him where he’s going. Daryl tells him he’s going home.

Jones takes Daryl to a repair shop to fix his bike. There is a group of blue-collar workers in there, with French language coming over the radio. Strange. He tells the group that there is no fighting, stealing or sexual deviancy here. Daryl hunts some walkers in the woods, and binds them with ropes. Back at the auto shop, the gang takes muzzled walkers with chains into what is known as the party room. 

The Episode Review

The penultimate episode in this spin-off series is a very jarring one, as it keeps going back in time to tell the story of how Daryl ended up in France. It’s obviously good to find out how he got here, but there’s too much back and forth, and it becomes way too convoluted.

There is also a lot of changing between Daryl and Laurent’s journey to the Nest and Isabelle’s escapades back in Paris, which slows down the pace of the episode. The content of the episode is very good, it just doesn’t work when put together in one episode, which makes it feel very rushed leading up to next week’s season finale. On a positive note, there are a lot of good Daryl moments, and this is very much his episode. Having said that, focusing on the supporting cast in previous episodes has starved Daryl of much-needed character development that has been crammed into one hour. 

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  1. You’ve said nothing about daryl on the boat in the flashback, which is odd considering he ends up in a cage with the guy he was fighting, tricks the guards, then fights them so he doesn’t get fed to walkers. The walkers are all super charged variants and the boat explodes.

    Just weird as it’s a good fight/escape scene and finally toes up the back story.

    Also nothing about Genets speech.

    You also have a mistake where you say Genet gets imprisoned when it’s Quinn.

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