The Walking Dead: Daryl Dixon – Season 1 Episode 3 Recap & Review

People are Strange

In episode 3 of The Walking Dead: Daryl Dixon, Daryl and Isabelle go inside a rundown theatre to meet with a musician who might have access to a radio.

Daryl and Isabelle discover that he has been putting on a rather disturbing show, as we see walkers on the stage tied to instruments and performing a tone-deaf show. Daryl says it’s a stupid detour, and they leave. Outside the theatre, Sylvie sees a walker slowly approaching her, but she struggles to shoot it, so Daryl steps in and shoots the walker in the head. 

The group arrives in Paris, and the city is as rundown as expected. Walkers appear around the city, but not as many as expected. The group travels through a cemetery, and Daryl spots and points out musician Jim Morrison’s grave. Laurent tells Daryl that he won’t die in Paris like his musical hero.  A man called Fallou and his group stop Daryl and company in their tracks. Isabelle tells him Father Jean sent them, and Fallou sees Laurent and knows he’s “the child” he’s been waiting to meet. 

The groups join forces at the rooftop community and introduce Daryl and Isabelle to Antoine, who takes charge of communication in the community. Daryl discovers this communication is through a pigeon, not a radio. The group is strangely obsessed with Laurent, giving him supplies and food, and seems to worship the ground he walks on. 

Codron is at Maison Mere, the headquarters of a place where experiments are done on walkers. Genet isn’t aware of who he is, but after he gives her information on Daryl, she hires him. They both watch as a scientist does an experiment on a variant walker. The walker breaks his chains and runs into a glass wall, his brain exploding. 

Isabelle and Daryl return to her old apartment, which has been looted. They leave, and flesh-burning walkers begin dropping from the top-floor apartments. 

Next up, the group heads to the catacombs to reach their ultimate destination, a black market nightclub called The Demimonde. They speak to someone about a boat, and they promise to give them a connection in exchange for drugs Isabelle found at her old apartment. A fight breaks out, and Quinn from the previous episode’s flashback appears. It turns out he’s the owner of the club. 

Quinn is suspicious of Isabelle when she tells him she’s now a nun. It turns out that Quinn is Laurent’s father and is not happy that he wasn’t told. The revelation is that he had an affair with Lily while he was in a relationship with Isabelle. She didn’t know about the affair, but wouldn’t have told him about Laurent even if she did, for the safety of the boy. Quinn thinks she has a debt to pay to him because he saved her from killing herself. 

The Episode Review

This episode is fairly slow as the season goes through a transitional phase, with Daryl and the rest of the group establishing themselves in Paris. It’s still a decent episode with a couple of good action scenes, and a brilliant French version of People are Strange that plays over a scene in a graveyard where Daryl finds the grave of Jim Morrison, who originally sang the song.

There are some interesting plot points introduced involving variant walkers, and some revelations about Isabelle’s past, which confirm she is one of the most interesting new characters in The Walking Dead universe. 

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