The Walking Dead: Daryl Dixon – Season 1 Episode 1 Recap & Review

He Might Be The One

Daryl Dixon washes up on the shore in France, with no explanation for what has gone on beforehand, but something has clearly gone very wrong on his quest to find Rick Grimes. 

Daryl walks around his new surroundings, looking for signs of life but it’s clear France is abandoned and struggling with the apocalypse just like their American counterparts. He finds an empty boat which belonged to a family. He cooks up some food and listens to some recordings left by the father of the family. This prompts him to record his own story, stating his full name, and where he’s from. 

Enter Isabelle, a local nun hanging up posters saying ‘God Loves You’ in French. She sees Daryl but doesn’t interact with him. Daryl interacts with a blind man and a young woman called Maribel. Soldiers approach the trio and violence ensues. Isabelle eventually comes to the rescue as Daryl lies unconscious. 

Daryl wakes up from his unconscious state and he is being nursed in a convent called The Abbey, surrounded by nuns, including Isabelle. The convent is part of a network called ‘The Union of Hope.’

We then meet a young orphan boy called Laurent who has been looked after by the Nuns since the outbreak. As the episode progresses, we see Laurent reading to Father Jean. There’s just one problem with Father Jean, he is a walker. After recovering from his injuries, Daryl is ready to go and leaves the convent.

As he departs, the soldiers known as ‘The Cause’ go into the Abbey looking for Daryl. The leader of the soldiers, Codron, orders another soldier to kill Father Jean, and he does so under great stress as he used to worship under him. A fight breaks out between the nuns and the soldiers, and just in time, Daryl turns up to save the day. The battle ends leaving the only survivors being Daryl, Isabelle, Laurent and Sylvie. Codron also survives and manages to escape. 

The Episode Review

The Walking Dead came to an end last year after 11 seasons, but it turns out the end wasn’t the end after all as it was announced that there would be a number of spin off’s to the popular apocalyptic zombie show. One of those spin off’s is based on iconic character Daryl Dixon.  

It would be very easy to write off this new show and the others as an obvious cash grab, and an unnecessary extension to The Walking Dead universe. However, Daryl Dixon is a complete revelation, breathing new life into a tired franchise. It felt different and had something new to say, as well as giving a fan favourite character the chance to be fleshed out properly. 

The show also looks very different to it’s parent show, partly due to its new setting in France. But there’s still plenty to enjoy for legacy fans with walkers everywhere and lots of Daryl badass one liners and action sequences. But there’s an overwhelming feeling that this show could appeal to a brand new audience, looking for a different spin on the zombie apocalypse.

There’s a potential love interest for Daryl with the intriguing character of Isabelle, and a father and son dynamic with Laurent that has echoes of Joel and Ellie in The Last of Us


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