The Violent – 002.TV | Album Review

Track Listing

I’ll Be Waiting
Wrap Your Head Around
Counting Sheep
Follow Me
Bitter End


The Violent express their grievances on this release, and they instil expert grooves and instrumental cleverness into their music. The band also drive home lyrically their thoughts and feelings on the world and it’s near collapse, proving they’re lyricists with much to say. On 002.TV, the act tries to silence the vultures in their heads and the vultures all around us, which are in human skin.

The music is rock wrapped in indie influences, and it works well, giving us a mixture, a melting pot that is progressive and distinctive. From the onset, the act doesn’t hold back from spreading their objections as they’re sick and tired of how the world is run. Intelligent and thought-provoking too, this album highlights mis-justice and the lack of love, while everything seems normal.

There are 7 songs here. ‘I’ll Be Waiting’ starts slowly until the chorus blazes a trail. It all lifts, and the powerful instrumentals do not collide but seamlessly meet. It’s a track that can be explosive.

‘Counting Sheep’ begins powerfully as the percussion commands and the acoustic sounds are gracious. The chorus again highlights the band’s tireless tweaking and their drive to get better.

‘Virtue’ is a massive track, and it begins as an electronic blast. The band Muse comes to mind here, as The Violent measure up well against those rock titans. It’s a sad track, where love has been crushed.

The Violent express their feelings wholeheartedly on this release, and they never hold back.

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  • Verdict - 8/10

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