The Village Season 1 Episode 7 Recap & Review


Nick’s Secret

Last week’s bombshell reveal in The Village sees the after-effects spill over to this week’s episode in a melodramatic flurry of arguments, simmering tension and resentment.

Katie is still angry at her Mum for not telling her the truth and spends most of the episode giving her the cold shoulder. Meanwhile, Olivia is kicked out her house and asks to stay with Ron and Patricia. Pat think this is a powder keg just waiting to explode but for now, they agree to take her in.

Nick continues to experience PTSD at the bar but Sarah comes and sees him, explaining what happened with Katie back at his apartment. Spilling her guts, she tells Nick she’s never stopped loving him. Liam tells her she should speak to Nick and begrudgingly, she decides to do just that.

Lightening the mood a little, we catch up with Enzo asking Gwendolina out on a date. It all goes awry though when the subway train breaks down but they make the most of a bad situation and have their date on the train instead. Back at the apartment, Nick and Katie then talk, he’s honest with her for the most part and she agrees to have dinner with him.

Olivia then asks Patricia about her cancer after finding some books in the bathroom. It turns out the real reason she left is because her Dad found out she loves another girl. As Patricis stews over what she’s been told, Ron reveals the real reason is that the girl was 10 years older than her and Olivia came home smelling of pot and alcohol. Ron then catches up with Olivia a little later on where they talk. They both open up and reveal truths and after a heart to heart, he convinces her to talk to her Dad.

Katie and Nick then have their dinner but while looking through Nick’s stuff, she finds a picture of herself as a 10 year old and bolts. She reveals this to Sarah while she’s talking to Rachel and it all kicks off as Katie leaves the flat. Sarah and Nick then fight over the picture which leads to him punching a punching bag until his knuckles bleed. This all eventually leads to Sarah telling Nick he needs to leave the apartment. For good. We then close out this melodramatic episode with one final montage with all our characters.

For the most part The Village revels in its melodramatic tone with an episode chock full of character drama and ensuing chaos for everyone. Ironically, Enzo’s story continues to be the most absorbing here though and amongst the various messy character issues, this certainly helps alleviate some tension. It is a little over the top at times and The Village certainly sticks closely to the soap-opera formula that does make it feel superficial at times. Despite that, there’s enough here for The Village to remain entertaining, even if it is a far cry from other options in this genre.


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