The Veer Union – I Will Make It Out | Album Review

Track Listing

I Will Make It Out
Fade Into The Future
From The Fire In You
I Will Make It Out (Acoustic)


Breathing new life into metal music takes immense bravery and skill, and there are many metal acts trying to claim the prize, to be a model outfit for the upstarts, the bands that want to bridge between making it or failing.

To be perfectly honest, the genre is bloated, like many others are, and the freshness has gone somewhat stale over the years. The Veer Union, though, delivers a balance that many of these acts can’t bring to the table, and that’s says a lot about the band.

I Will Make It Out isn’t a standard EP full of repetitiveness and hyperbolic lyricism, as there’s actually substance here. The record has all the tension we expect, but there are moments when the listener will be impacted by what they’re hearing. Often, some bands deliver style over substance and care more for their look than implementing poetic lyrics, which can really make the fans disband and go their own way.

Thankfully, there is enough here for the metal contingent to be happy about. Stirring lyrics compliment the fast-paced guitar driven songs, and the whole experience becomes highly relevant and thought-provoking. This can only be good for the scene, and the bands which try their hardest to make a real impression, while taking influence from The Veer Union.

The EP begins with ‘I Will Make It Out’. The intro is compelling, and the lyrics describe a broken man. The guitar work offers stability and skill. ‘Fade Into The Future’ meanwhile, starts with screams and volatility, while addressing feelings of dread. Again, the lyrics are sharp, and story driven.

‘From The Fire In You’ is intense and brimming in hooks and sincerity. Every lyric means something, and the instrumentals and screams complete the anarchy.

The Veer Union is onto something here, and they’re destined to make an even bigger mark in the scene they inhabit.

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  • Verdict - 9/10

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