‘The Valet’ Ending Explained: Does Olivia fall in love with Antonio?

The Valet Plot Synopsis

The Valet is a new romantic comedy streaming on Disney+ in the UK and Hulu in the US and is worth a watch if you’re looking for something light and funny for your evening viewing.

The movie tells the story of Antonio and Olivia, a parking valet and megastar who slowly get to know one another while pretending to be in a relationship.

Why do Antonio and Olivia have a pretend relationship?

Olivia is an actress whose latest movie is about to be released in theatres. She is having an affair with Vincent, an arrogant billionaire who has no qualms about cheating on his wife. But when the paparazzi catch up with the pair and take photographs of them, they are forced to take desperate measures to persuade the media that they aren’t in a relationship.

This is where Antonio comes in. After hurtling into Olivia’s car with his bicycle, he is also snapped by the waiting photographers. As he is in the same photo as Olivia and Vincent, he is asked by Vincent’s lawyer to fake a relationship with the movie starlet. Antonio agrees, mainly because he thinks the money he is offered will help him to buy back Isabel, his ex-wife.

It’s good news for Vincent when Antonio agrees to help, as he doesn’t want Kathryn, his wife, to find out about his affair. It’s good news for Olivia too, as she doesn’t want news of the scandal to affect her upcoming movie’s chances.

Does Kathryn believe her husband?

Antonio and Olivia start to spend time with one another and are given plenty of media attention. It would appear that their ruse has worked but Kathryn is not so sure. She begins to suspect the parking valet is not really Olivia’s boyfriend and she hires a private detective to find out the truth.

Do Olivia and Antonio get along with one another?

It’s not long before the two start to bond but they both have to adapt to one another’s lives. Antonio has to attend movie premieres and fancy restaurants with his ‘new girlfriend’ and Olivia has to meet Antonio’s large Mexican family and experience his mother’s food.

Despite these predicaments, the two still manage to get along. Sure, they have to deal with a pair of detectives who trail their every move, and a jealous Vincent who starts to believe that they are really having a relationship, but despite these inconveniences, they manage to pull off their fake relationship.

Does Antonio fall in love with Olivia?

Not really no, at least not in the romantic sense. Isabel, his former wife, isn’t so sure though. When she thinks he is dating Olivia for real, she tries to win her ex-husband back. Antonio lets her know that the relationship is fake, however, partly because he wants her to renew their relationship. But when Isabel learns of the ruse, she loses interest again, so Antonio is left with a pretend relationship instead of a real one.

Does Olivia fall in love with Antonio?

No, their relationship is strictly platonic although they do fake sex at one point to fool the watching detectives. She still appreciates Antonio though and the two do become good friends. But this is one movie where the two fake lovebirds don’t become lovers for real.

What happens to Antonio and Olivia?

Towards the end of the film, the two get into an argument and it looks like their fake relationship is over. However, they make it up before the end credits roll and resume their friendship.

Antonio doesn’t get back with his former wife but he does begin a relationship with Natalie, the owner of the bike shop which he regularly frequents.

It can be assumed that Olivia continues to have a successful career, but when it comes to finding a relationship, we can’t be sure if she did or not. At least she didn’t end up with Vincent though. He ends up single after Kathryn learns of his deceit and is made to look the fool when she, Olivia, and Antonio play a trick on him.


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