The Used – Toxic Positivity | Album Review

Track Listing

Worst I’ve Ever Been
I Hate Everybody
Pinky Swear
Dancing With A Brick Wall
Top Of The World
House Of Sand
Giving Up


The Used has always been a band which takes the emotional pathway down dark lanes, and on Toxic Positivity, they don’t hold back or turn down the dials. The album also shows the band’s lyrical change, as they’ve certainly upped the tension and the quality of their wordplay. As always, lead singer Bert McCracken sings with a croon and he pushes for a revolution even if it is small.

Toxic Positivity doesn’t derail from what has been produced before by this band, though there are some good tones and riffs to please the purist. Often, this style of music can fall into repetitiveness, but The Used has escaped that, and this record actually works well, as the lyrics don’t collapse into an unimaginative heap.

The choruses are catchy enough here and McCracken seems rejuvenated, though he’s still carrying pain in his gut and the terrible memories in his mind.

‘Worst I’ve Ever Been’ starts the record off with a bashful intro and commanding riff. The chorus is impactful, and the sky is about to fall in this nightmare.

‘Headspace’ begins loudly and McCracken offers his voice as an instrument of reason. The middle point of this song is blissful, even though the darkness still shrouds the room and the world.

‘Top Of The World’ is another chance at escaping the demons. McCracken sings broodingly, and the instruments all connect on a seamless level. The song isn’t abrasive, but actually enlightening.

The Used use their experience to create a record that is dark but progressive. Toxic Positivity enchants in an unorthodox fashion.

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  • Verdict - 8/10

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