The Upshaws – Season 3 Episode 7 Recap & Review

Heart Matters

Episode 7 of The Upshaws season 3 begins with Lucretia learning of Regina’s heart attack while on a flight to Atlanta with Frank. She gets off the plane as soon as she hears the news and heads to the hospital where Regina has been admitted.

Regina is recovering in the hospital, surrounded by Bennie and the rest of the Upshaw family. After a while, Lucretia arrives at the hospital, creating chaos due to her concern for her sister. Bennie, too, becomes concerned and begins to correct everything in the hospital room. The nurse eventually gets bugged and throws the two of them out of the hospital room.

At home, Aaliyah is guilt-tripping and blaming herself for her mother’s heart attack. Bernard Jr reassures Aaliyah and Maya that their mother is feeling better and will be back at home soon.

Lucretia and Bennie return home. Kelvin cleans and cooks to ease the load on Regina when she returns. Lucretia begins to conduct a thorough investigation of the house. She begins to discard everything that could potentially harm Regina. On the other hand, Bennie decides Regina could use a dishwasher and purchases one.

Sheila pays Regina a visit while she enjoys her hospital meal. Regina initially finds her company uncomfortable since she dislikes Sheila, but after a heartfelt conversation, the two get along really well.

Bernard assists Bennie in installing a dishwasher for Regina at home. Aaliyah and Maya complain to Bennie about how obnoxious Lucretia is being. Meanwhile, Lucretia is having a treadmill installed in Regina’s house.

When Aaliyah and Maya are arguing, Lucretia steps in. Lucretia goes on to explain why they shouldn’t be fighting, and she ends up venting about her relationship with Regina, which scares the kids and they call Bernard. When Bernard finds Lucretia on the porch, she is having an emotional breakdown. Bernard allows her to have her moment and then comforts her.

Regina is getting ready to leave the hospital, and Bennie assists her with her belongings. Lucretia gets a wheelchair to take Regina. Regina runs into Sheila on the way out, who gets her a bottle of red wine. Regina later thanks Sheila for her help.

Regina returns home and is surprised by her children. The Upshaw family tries to make everything better for Regina, but they end up changing things and fussing, which irritates Regina, who requests that they treat her normally. Following that, Regina receives a letter from Indiana University indicating that she has been accepted into their MBA program.

The Episode Review

This episode exemplifies how much everyone cares about Regina. For instance, we see Lucretia break down in tears, while also seeing Aaliyah, Maya, and Bennie panic. Furthermore, we get to see an unusual side of Sheila, which is quite refreshing. Sheila was previously showcased as a dumb character, but this episode reinforces that she too has depth.

Sheila comes across as professional while also being emotionally intelligent.┬áThe actress who plays her does an impressive job in the role and completely owns it. It’s not a stretch to say that Sheila’s incredible performance stole the show in this episode.

Regina is accepted into an MBA program at Indiana University at the end of the episode. In previous seasons, we saw how hard Regina worked to pass her exams and how her entire family supported her throughout the process. Now that she’s got what she wanted, it’ll be interesting to see what happens next.

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