The Upshaws – Season 3 Episode 6 Recap & Review

Heart Wants

Episode 6 of The Upshaws season 3 begins with Bennie and Lucretia showing the repaired and redecorated garage to the entire Upshaw family, who don’t notice any difference from the last one. Furthermore, Bennie’s back is hurt because he did a lot of physical labor to get the garage up and running. Regina urges him to visit her clinic later that day.

Bennie seeks treatment for his back at the clinic where Regina works. Regina introduces Bennie to the doctor (her supposed crush) thereafter.

Lucretia is on a date with Frank and he invites her to accompany him to Atlanta. After much persuasion and an argument, she tells him that she’ll think about it.

Regina has a dream in which she almost kisses the doctor at her clinic, and her husband and children walk in on her. In addition, a man named Dante (whom Lucretia believes Regina should have married) appears. Regina wakes up from her nap and tries to cuddle with Bennie, who tells her his back hurts.

The Upshaws have their usual breakfast banter the following morning. Aaliyah informs her family that Savannah is sick and that she needs a ride to the convention. Everyone refuses to take her there because everyone is occupied that day. After everyone has left, Kelvin advises Aaliyah to take the bus if she wishes to go, and Aaliyah considers doing so.

At Regina’s workplace, Lucretia tells her about Frank pressing her to accompany him to Atlanta. Regina pushes her to go thereafter. Furthermore, Regina tells Lucretia about the dream she has the previous day. Lucretia mocks Regina about her lifestyle and ends up teasing her with the doctor, again.

The doctor thanks Regina for her help with bakery goods at the clinic. Furthermore, he tells Regina about his wife. Regina is taken aback to learn that he has a wife since she was crushing on him.

Meanwhile, in his garage, Bennie overdoses on medications. Tasha’s boyfriend meets Bennie in the garage and informs him that he intends to marry Tasha. Bennie has a child with Tasha, so he is caught off guard and acts out.

Aaliyah returns from the convention and tells Regina about her experience. When Aaliyah tells her mother that she took the bus to the convention, Regina freaks out and projects her past regrets onto her child, blowing the situation out of proportion. Following that, Regina grounds Aaliyah.

When Bennie gets home, Regina tells him about Aaliyah taking the bus to the convention. Bennie dismisses her concerns because the situation isn’t serious. Regina talks to Bennie about their past and regrets, but he doesn’t take her conversation seriously and instead jokes about it. Regina suffers a heart attack shortly after going to the kitchen.

The Episode Review

This episode focuses primarily on the two sisters. Lucretia, who has given up her life for her sister, wishes to travel to Atlanta to accompany the man she has feelings for. Regina on the other hand, experiences a rollercoaster of emotions, including learning that her crush is married, Aaliyah riding the bus (which triggers her past regrets) and her husband being inattentive to her feelings.

Regina has a heart attack at the end of the episode too. Regina’s character has a lot of depth, and this episode showcases her feelings. Given how Regina has juggled work and family, it’s not surprising that she has a heart attack. Furthermore, it appears that she has repressed too many feelings up to this point, including her regrets, anger with Bennie for having a child with Tasha, and Bennie dismissing her feelings, to name a few. It’ll be interesting to see what happens in the upcoming episodes.

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