The Upshaws – Season 3 Episode 2 Recap & Review

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Episode 2 of The Upshaws season 3 begins with Regina and Bennie attempting to persuade Lucretia to give Bennie his job back. Lucretia agrees to hire Bennie as a worker in the garage after much pleading, but she does not reinstate him as manager. However, because both Regina and Bennie are unemployed, Bennie has no choice but to accept the job.

Aaliyah is out shopping with her new friends, and they make fun of her for repeating her outfits. Her friends also push her to steal from the shop. Since Aaliyah is trying to fit in, she caves and steals a top.

Lucretia gets in the way of Bennie’s work at the garage. Furthermore, Lucretia humiliates Bennie and assigns him menial tasks such as bringing them food. Bennie eventually feels insulted and resigns.

Bernard Jr’s boyfriend can be seen spending time with his daughter Sydney by dancing at Bernard’s house. Bernard is disturbed by everything his boyfriend is doing, so he attempts to talk to Hector about it. Hector, on the other hand, does not attempt to comprehend the situation and finds Bernard’s request to tone it down a notch insulting. Hector excuses himself and leaves thereafter.

Maya tells Regina that she is having a good time with Regina and is enjoying her mother’s unemployment. Following that, Regina finds Bennie at home, and he informs her that he has quit his job, which upsets Regina. Bennie tells Regina about his new job, in which he has built his own garage in the driveway of their home. Regina is skeptical at first, but after some persuasion she agrees to assist Bennie by managing the job.

Regina appears to be preoccupied, as she manages the garage while Bennie works on the vehicles. Bernard Jr then enters the house and requests a sandwich from his mother. Aaliyah shows and notices Regina’s new top (which she stole), but Aaliyah tricks her mother and goes to her room.

Lucretia encounters difficulties while running the garage without Bennie, as Bennie kept the place running. Moreover, while attempting to solve the problems, she loses customers due to her sarcasm and poor work coordination. Furthermore, the customers inform her that they are going to Bennie’s new garage, which is how Lucretia learns about Bennie’s new working arrangement.

Aaliyah is out shopping with her friends, and this time she pretends to steal clothes. Security suspects her friends and searches everyone’s bags. Fortunately, Aaliyah did not steal this time, so she is able to get away. Following that, her friends lose faith in her because she only pretended to steal.

When Regina returns home, she finds the customers crowded in her living room, encroaching on her space and eating her food, which upsets her deeply. Regina then speaks with Bennie and tells him that she can’t deal with the home garage.

Following that, Lucretia enters and taunts Bennie and Regina. The pair both mock Lucretia, especially when they discover one of her employees working in Bennie’s garage during his lunch break.

Hector and Bernard Jr are sitting in a café, and Hector breaks up with Bernard. Hector goes on to tell Bernard that they are at different stages of their journey and that their relationship is not ideal, all while flirting with a waiter at the same cafe. During their breakup, the waiter ends up giving Hector his phone number.

When Bennie arrives home, Regina informs him that she is not happy with the home garage situation. Regina is also irritated by her daughter Maya’s constant presence around her. Following an argument, Bennie agrees to give up the house garage, and they meet with Lucretia, requesting that Bennie run the garage instead.

Lucretia admits that Bennie is an excellent mechanic and agrees to reinstate him as manager. Unfortunately, they learn that the garage has flooded just as the episode ends.

The Episode Review

This episode retains its usual tone of being a pleasant blend of comedy and drama. The bickering between Bennie and Lucretia has always been entertaining, and they do an excellent job in this episode as well. Regina, Aaliyah, and Maya have impressive comic timing that always hits all the right notes.

The episode ends on a cliffhanger, with Regina, Lucretia, and Bennie learning that the garage is flooded, just after Lucretia reemployed Bennie. This season, it appears that drama is at an all-time high, and we are all for it! It’ll be interesting to see what the upcoming episodes have in store for us.

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