The Upshaws – Season 3 Episode 1 Recap & Review

The Unforgiven

Episode 1 of The Upshaws season 3 begins where the final episode left off, as Bennie and Lucretia argue while they are both in jail because Bennie’s actions got them there.

Fortunately, Lucretia bails herself out. Bennie initially believes that she is bailing him out as well, which causes him to become very ecstatic, but she is not. Furthermore, Lucretia bails another prisoner out, someone she barely knows but refuses to help Bennie, which frustrates Regina.

Regina pays a visit to Barry’s Bonds and attempts to arrange for Bennie’s release. The man informs her that she must come up with 10% bail, which is $1,000, in order to get him out. Regina argues that she needs to save that amount for emergencies, but she gives in because she doesn’t see any other option. Unfortunately, another issue arises.

Regina previously quit her job, and in order to bail out Bennie, she must provide proof of employment. Even after her best efforts to persuade the man, things do not work out and she is unable to help Bennie.

Bennie is having a difficult time in jail, and to make matters worse he meets Monique (the woman with whom Bernard Jr has a child), a police officer. They discuss how Bennie ended up in prison, and Monique expresses her disappointment.

Bernard Jr, Aaliyah, and Maya are playing at home while Regina returns. Regina asks the children to go to bed and then has a conversation with Bernard Jr. Regina requests Bernard to provide employment proof in order to bail out his father, but Bernard refuses due to Bennie’s repeated mistakes.

The next morning, Regina returns to her previous workplace and attempts to take back her job so she can provide employment proof to bail out Bennie. Unfortunately, her employer Sheila does not overlook her bad behavior and refuses to reinstate her. Furthermore, when the bail bondsman calls to see if Regina works there, Sheila informs him that she recently quit, so Regina is unable to bail out Bennie.

Lucretia goes to Bernard Jr.’s apartment to collect rent. When Lucretia and Bernard discuss Bennie, Bernard Jr tells her about how he did not help bail his father out of jail. Lucretia, to our surprise, convinces him that Bennie is his family and that he should help him. On the other hand, Regina visits Bennie in prison and they end up having a heartfelt conversation.

Sparks fly between Kelvin and Savannah at school. While in the locker room, they discuss the kiss from the previous season and conclude that it wasn’t a big deal, but it’s clear that they both are into each other. Following that, Aaliyah tries to make amends with Savannah by giving her a present because she abandoned her on her birthday. Savannah, on the other hand, appears to be upset, and she ends up tossing Aaliyah’s gift into the trash right in front of her.

Lucretia attempts to learn the truth about the stolen parts and Bennie’s arrest by speaking with the employees of Benny’s garage. After much questioning, she discovers that Bennie is innocent, and she discovers proof of this in the garage footage.

At home, Aaliyah learns of Bennie’s arrest and tries to assist her mother with bail money, but Regina refuses. Bernard Jr. bails Bennie out of prison and brings him home.

Lucretia calls Regina in the driveway and tells her about Bennie’s innocence, to which Regina responds that she trusted her husband. Furthermore, Lucretia informs Regina that she is on her way to provide the cops with the evidence they need to prove Bennie’s innocence. Regina thereafter thanks Lucretia for her help.

Bennie is drinking beer with Kelvin and is about to start a conversation in which he asks Kelvin to stay with him. When Kelvin expresses excitement about moving with his mother and her boyfriend, Bennie backs off.

Bennie meets Lucretia and apologizes for the mess up with the parts. Following that, Lucretia fires Bennie from the garage.

The Episode Review

The episode picks up where the previous season left off, bringing resolutions to major crises including Bennie and Lucretia going to prison, Savannah and Kelvin kissing, and Bennie wanting to convince Kelvin to stay with him.

The episode ends on a cliffhanger too, with Lucretia firing Bennie from his own garage, which makes sense given that she is the actual owner. It’ll be interesting to see how she manages the garage without Bennie, and what happens now that Bennie and Regina are currently unemployed. The episodes ahead should be quite the intriguing watch!

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