The Unwanted Undead Adventurer – Season 1 Episode 3 Recap & Review

The Undead Infiltrates the Town

The Unwanted Undead Adventurer Episode 3 begins with Lorraine awaiting Rentt before falling asleep. He arrives and wakes her up, shocking her with his appearance. She allows him to stay with her, and in exchange, he will let her study him.

Later, we see Rentt cleaning the house, and Lorraine arrives with his payment for the slime liquid. Later that day, Rentt heads over to the blacksmith to get a new sword. He hands them his old sword and pays a good price to have it ready. He also informs them that he can use Magic, Spirit energy, and Divinity. The woman informs him that he will need to visit them several times.

Lorraine continues her research to learn more about Rentt’s condition and recalls the first time they met. We see a flashback where he is a rookie and joins her in collecting herbs in the forest. He protects her from a monster and allows her to use an attack spell. Impressed by his knowledge, she asks him to teach her.

The blacksmith calls Rentt over and hands him a temporary sword until his new one is ready, informing him that it is limited to magic and spirit energy only. The Blacksmith realizes Rentt is in deep trouble and intends to get the truth out of him eventually.

Rentt heads back into the Labyrinth and finds an adventurer struggling to fight a slime. Rentt helps him, and the man thanks him profusely. The man tells him about his situation and the hefty loan he has to repay, asking if he can join Rentt on adventures. However, Rentt is suspicious and declines. After a lot of pleading, Rentt agrees.

Rentt takes him to the secret passageway and realizes the dragon isn’t there. They then enter a slim passage that leads them into a room. As they enter the room, Rentt sees a portal on the floor and warns the man not to approach it. Unfortunately, the man isn’t able to see it and walks straight into it, getting teleported. Rentt follows along and gets teleported into a room with a humongous skeleton at the end of The Unwanted Undead Adventurer Episode 3.

The Episode Review

In The Unwanted Undead Adventurer Episode 3, Rentt finally reaches Lorraine and seeks her help. This resolves many of Rentt’s problems related to staying in the town. Lorraine, being a highly learned academic, can assist him in navigating the situation he is stuck in, potentially serving as the silver lining to the plot.

This episode also establishes Rentt’s next objective: saving a rookie from the Skeleton giant. It is safe to assume that we will witness some innovative tricks amidst the action. Summing it up, the series adopts the general rhetoric of a fantasy adventure anime with the various elements of the anime combined.

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