The Unwanted Undead Adventurer – Season 1 Episode 1 Recap & Review

Unwanted Undead

The Unwanted Undead Adventurer Episode 1 begins with Rentt Faina waking up to a new morning. Unlike the financially well-off, he has to head off to work early. He approaches the adventurer guild’s board to find a suitable job for himself. Finding no suitable jobs for the day, he decides to go to the Labyrinth of The Moon’s Reflection.

As he enters the labyrinth, he explores the passages and discovers a massive hole in a wall. Exploring, he ventures into a strange space and finds himself facing a majestic dragon. The dragon attacks him.

Moments later, he wakes up near a poolside but notices he has been turned into an undead skeleton. He contemplates going back to the city but realizes that will be a disaster. He decides to wait a few days until a few solo adventurers come by and seek their advice. He then realizes that skeletons cannot speak.

As he walks through the passages, a skeleton spots him and charges towards him. Unable to even lift his sword properly, Rentt uses his spirit energy to defeat the skeleton. By killing the skeleton, he recovers the energy he just expended.

Rentt recalls existential evolution and realizes he can evolve into a ghoul. Lorraine is surprised that he hasn’t come to meet her lately. Rentt goes on a killing spree, killing as many skeletons as possible to power up.

He then sets his eyes on a slime and attempts to attack it. He successfully strikes the core, killing it instantly. He collects the slime residue to sell it later. Sheila reveals that she directed a newbie towards the Labyrinth of The Moon’s Reflection.

Rentt realizes his spirit energy, mana, and divinity are intact. He begins to plan his way around the labyrinth. He realizes the intent with which he has become an adventurer and decides that he will make the best of it. He proceeds to kill more skeletons and slimes until he transforms into a ghoul.

Rentt is happy to see the muscle in his body and tries to talk. Unfortunately, he has the vocal cords of a ghoul and is unable to sound human at the end of The Unwanted Undead Adventurer Episode 1.

The Episode Review

The Unwanted Undead Adventurer Episode 1 takes off by immersing viewers in the intriguing journey of Rentt Faina, a diligent yet financially struggling adventurer. The episode takes us through Rentt’s daily morning routine before he faces one of the biggest upsets in his life.

The episode isn’t too action-heavy and rather focuses on character development and establishing the premise. Since it is set in a fantasy world, the show owes viewers a fair explanation of how things work, which is successfully done in this episode. The episodes also give the season direction, and figuring out how to make it back to town is Rentt’s primary objective. The episode also reveals that Rentt will first have to battle his way through and power up to a stronger form.


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