The Uncanny Counter – Season 2 Episode 7 Recap & Review

Picking Them Off One By One

Episode 7 of Uncanny Counter season 2 picks up after the unthinkable has happened. Ju-seok has killed CEO Park and sucked out his essence. The evil spirit inside him is way more powerful than before, prompting Mun and Ju-seok to begin trading blows.

The fight spills outside the apartment complex, where Ju-seok shows just how powerful he is now. He easily thwarts Mun’s blows and trades some of his own. The pair continue to go back and forth, with Mun managing to capture some of the flashes to the prison scene involving Pil-gwang in the process. Specifically, the chat where Pil-gwang said Baekdu Construction was to blame and not just CEO Park.

Naturally, Pil-gwang shows up on the ground and taunts Mun when the latter knocks out Ju-seok, pointing out that this guy is his “masterpiece”. However, this whole thing is a big distraction as Gelly manages to blindside Ha-na inside in a bid to best her and suck out her essence. Thankfully, the rest of the Counters and Mun arrive just in time to stop that from happening. However, Ha-na is knocked out and in a rough way.

Pil-gwang brings Ju-seok to his hideout and speaks directly to the evil spirit, who’s hungry to consume more spirits. The thing is, if Pil-gwang and Ju-seok’s evil spirits are to combine, they’d become a complete evil spirit, and cause all sorts of untold chaos. Ju-seok is almost too far gone right now to reason with, but Pil-gwang uses this to rile him up further when he regains consciousness.

He points out that he’s not the bad guy here, given he wants Ju-seok to get his revenge. And the next target is President Lee Chung-jae of Baekdo.

Gelly shows up at the prison, using her skills to head in through the front door posing as an attorney. She speaks to Wong and kills him outright. Pil-gwang arrives to check up on her progress but she’s not happy. The pair eventually part ways, with Gelly’s spiked glove still stinging the side of Pil-gwang’s face after their encounter.

Meanwhile, Ha-na wakes up from her slumber and is back on the mend. The only one not there is Mo-tak, who’s actually off doing undercover work with Jeok-bong. He hooks him up with a wire and sends him in to Baekdu Construction. There, he obtains crucial evidence to use against them, coming in the form of various higher-ups at Baekdu. President Lee is among them.

The Counters decide they need to try and stop Baekdu from scamming anyone else, while simultaneously preventing Ju-seok from killing the men. They show up at the badminton club just in time, where the gangsters try to hustle the residents out of their homes, forcing them to accept the settlement amounts. The Counters are having none of that though and they stand up for the righteous, clearing the residents out before besting all the goons.

The whole group lend their skills, eventually ending with Mun besting the entire group. However, none have any memory of Chung-jae so they get get much from them.

When Do-hwi rocks up and sees all the Counters together, the group end up going for lunch. There, they question Do-hwi regarding what he likes about Ha-na and he replies that she’s kind. That, of course, cause the whole place to erupt with laughter. Except with Jeok-bong, as he’s infatuated with Ha-na and very clearly jealous.

After lunch, the pair have some alone time and Do-hwi seems to fall deeper for her. Gelly happens to be watching all of this take place from afar, bitterly retorting that it must be nice to have someone to share memories with.

Mae-ok decides to help Jae-youl out with a hearty meal. The way she sees it, if she fills him up, it will stop him committing too many crimes. However, on his way out and back home, one of Chung-jae’s subordinates shows up at his place, believing that he’s being tailed by cops. He suddenly grabs a wire and tells Jae-youl he’s lost his last chance.

As he’s choked out, Mae-ok manages to arrive just in time, knocks out the goon and heals Jae-youl. The goon’s phone rings after he’s been knocked out, with someone called Pil-won ringing. This is President Lee Chung-jae’s man, and he’s calling for a check-up on behalf of his boss.

The Counters use this audio footage to gain an advantage, with them hearing that Chung-jae is an avid golfer. There are 3 golf clubs in the area but Ju-seok is already on the hunt, making things a lot more difficult. The hospital is where Ju-seok is hunting, and the Counters arrive too late to save one of Chung-jae’s men. He’s bleeding from the eyes and knocked out thanks to our evil spirit.

Ha-na decides to end things with Do-hwi. She meets him late at night and walks away after breaking his heart. However, Gelly shows up and holds him hostage. She gets the jump on Ha-na too, hitting her in the eyes with her spiked knuckles. Just as Ha-na tries to feel her way to stopping Gelly, the evil spirit stabs Do-hwi and looks set to hit the killing blow. Ha-na steps up, as Do-hwi is knocked out and passes out on the ground, promising this is the end for her now.

The Episode Review

Another episode rolls round and another reminder that Jeok-bong is the most useless member of this team. Quips aside though, the drama and action is just starting to heat up now.

We know that Pil-gwang and Ju-seok are ready to strike down the members of Baekdu Construction, and seeing more of the past, specifically with Min-ji being spat on and humiliated like that, explains somewhat just how much rage Ju-seok is carrying with him.

The subplot with Do-hwi finally serves a purpose at the end too, with us seeing Gelly using the guy as a distraction and tool to get the better of Ha-na. That’s evident to see as the pair are now fighting with everything they have. With the show nearing its conclusion, I’d imagine Gelly will be beaten here but it’s unclear whether Do-hwi will make it out of this alive or not.

Either way, everything is hanging on a precarious knife-edge for tomorrow’s follow-up.

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