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The Puppet Boss

We begin episode 7 of The Uncanny Counter with Chang-Gyu who demanding to know where “the kid” is. This, of course, is referring to Mun. Elsewhere, Cheong-Shin reflects on the last moments with his Father as he crushes his car with the dead body still inside. Snatching up the money, he somehow manages to find his way inside Ha-Na’s vision which catches us up to the moments last episode.

Flashing in and out of the vision, Cheong-Shin and Mun fight between realities while Ha-Na just about manages to yank him out of this predicament before it’s too late. Remembering the name Shin from his vision, Mun breathes heavily and promises to take revenge.

Unaware they’re being followed by Chang-Gyu, Ha-Na and Mun make it back to the noodle bar as they reveal to the others everything they’ve witnessed.

With Mae-Ok all caught up on what’s just happened, Mo-Tak takes Mun aside and mentions his Father and how he was the last person he spoke to. As they talk, Mun reflects on how the Presidential election prompted his Father to utter “in the end”. As they discuss the President’s campaign trial and the issues befalling him, the group finally realize the guy they’re after is probably the same one who killed the President.

After their meeting, Jeong-Yeong receives a call from Mo-Tak who sends her the composite sketch for the culprit. In exchange, she sends over CCTV footage and now they know exactly who they’re after. This guy has bloodshed in his wake and as she and Mo-Tak meet, they go over what they know so far. Jeong-Yeong eventually heads back to the station, deciding to try and find another lead.

As they investigate, Mun comes to the realization that when he teleported, he did so into a scrapyard. The Counters decide to follow up on this and head to Baekjo Motors; Jeong-Yeong tags along too. However, when they get there they find the place completely deserted.

They do find some clues though, including the name Cheong-Shin embroidered on bloodied clothes. Mae-Ok meanwhile, finds blood on the ground and the crushed body of Cheong-Shin’s Father. With the place sealed off as a murder scene, Jeong-Yeong calls it in to the police as officials swarm the area.

As news of this accident spreads, Mayor Shin is recommended to join the Presidential race. At the same time, Cheong-Shin takes a truck and takes off again.

Chief Choi learns that Jeong-Yeong is going rogue and investigating the case on her own while CEO Hang-Gyu receives word back from Chang-Gyu about the Counters. On the back of this, he tasks his subordinate to bringing Mo-Tak to an isolated warehouse. He wants to see the guy himself, eventually revealing that Mayor Shin will be running (and wining) the Presidential race.

Back at the Noodle bar, Jang-Mul returns and briefs the team on what he’s found out from background checks. Mae-Ok has been nervous over the mind reading in the team and using Jang-Mul seemed like a safer option. Anyway, they learn more about the organization they’re after, including Taesin’s executive director Tae-Sin hiding 11 previous convictions. He used to be a drug dealer but then he became the owner of a construction site while his brother, Hang-Gyu, grabbed a goods company which he’s obviously now the CEO of.

Jang-Mul is sure that these two companies are being used as slush funds for Shin and Ha-Na backs that up, especially after mentioning how Daejong used to belong to her father.

With the hierarchy finally starting to come together for what they’re facing, Chang-Gyu shows up with his men intent on taking Mo-Tak away. Only, Mae-Ok single-handedly takes him out.

When Mo-Tak steps forward and grabs Chang-Gyu’s wrist, he sees visions of the plans he and Hang-Gyo have, including the Presidency race. When Mun and the others find out, they remain determined to try and expose the corruption before it’s too late.

Before they do however, the team deliberate over the reservoir and how that was written in Mun’s father’s book too. As they try to work out what to do next, we cut across to Chief Choi feeding back Jeong-Yeong’s requested blood sample for Yeong-Nim.

They’ve destroyed the sample of course but for Hang-Gyo’s insolence, the puppet boss has his head smashed against the desk by Tae-Sin.

News of Cheong-Shin spreads across the news as he looks set to claim his next victim in a convenience store. Only, just before he leaves he passes Shin Hyeok-U. The spirit inside Cheong-Shin’s head rasps that he’s “one of them”, prompting Cheong-Shin to smile and tell the boy he’ll be seeing him around.

Out on the road, Mun and the others drive off but unbeknownst to them a tracker happens to be placed on the back.. Ha-Na suddenly has a vision and realizes that someone is about to die. unfortunately they’re blindsided by Chang-Gyu who rams his truck into their car repeatedly.

Despite it being smashed to bits, that’s the complete wrong move as the Counters step out from the car unharmed – minus a few bruises and scrapes – preparing to give Chang-Gyu the beating of a lifetime.

The Episode Review

With more of the hierarchical nature of the officials revealed, it seems likely now that Mun’s parents stumbled upon corruption right the way up the chain of command. This is nothing new in K-drama world of course but here it’s given an element of unpredictability given the spirits operating in this world.

For a while now we’ve had fragments of the president and his lackies but this episode does well to actually flesh that out and explain how the companies are working together as slush funds for Shin.

Without much action, Uncanny Counter instead relies on its exposition to drive the story forward and for the most part, it actually works quite well. With another episode to come later on today, the ending seems to hint we’ll be getting a fair amount of action to come!

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