The Uncanny Counter – K-Drama Episode 10 Recap & Review

Stripped Of Power

We begin episode 10 of The Uncanny Counter with Wigen deciding Mun shouldn’t be a Counter. Given he struggles to deal with his emotions, Mun’s a liability to the team.

Although Mo-Tak suggests they be more careful in the future, Wigen refuses to listen and shows Cheong-Sin learning about the territories as an example of why Mun needs to stop.

Unfortunately Mun is dismissed, biting back tears, as his contract with the Counters is ended. Mun refuses to accept this though and asks for another chance. He’s driven to save his parents though but given that would involve killing Cheong-Sin, Wigen argues that he’s no better than an evil spirit. And just like that, Mun’s powers are taken away.

This also means Mun’s legs no longer work… and Ha-Na is tasked with taking away his memories. If she doesn’t then she too will be dismissed. Ha-Na is unable to do this though, turning instead to Jang-Mul who takes the reigns and does it instead. He also takes his grandparents’ memories too, in what winds up as a truly heartbreaking moment for all involved.

At Jungjil City Hall, Shin and the others try to rally back from the waste debacle at the conference. This catches us up to Cheong-Sin entering the room and confronting them all. “Get me off the wanted list and I’ll help you find them,” He tells them. Shin smiles, suggesting instead that he just gets caught. In doing so, this would raise his approval rating. As Shin burns the ledger holding Cheong-Sin’s name, Cheong-Sin giggles as his eyes turn red.

A mind-wiped Mun wakes up and arrives at school with his crutches like normal. Of course, he doesn’t know about the bullies and they immediately go after him with Hyeok-U leading the charge. When Ju-Yeon and Ung-Min show up and help, Mun’s completely oblivious over everything that’s happened.

Mae-Ok shows up in Yung to speak to the secretary (and her son), Su-Ho. She wants to try and appeal the decision and admits that her heart is breaking over what’s happened to Mun. He does his best, suggesting Mun be reinstated, but it’s no good. Instead, Wigen decides on a comatose guy called Seon-Ho. Only, he’s not enthused with the idea of being a Counter and admits that he’s tired. He wants to be reunited with his wife in heaven and as such, decides against joining them.

The Counters have their own problems though when another dead body rocks up hanging from a tree. It’s clear the work has been done by another spirit and even more alarmingly, news spreads online of a burnt out vehicle holding Cheong-Sin. If that’s the case then it means the spirits have dissolved.

Mo-Tak senses something is up and immediately heads there. Only, Mun happens to be there too and he’s still got his memories. It turns out Jang-Mul didn’t actually get rid of them at all, although he doesn’t have his abilities any more.

Detective Kim Jeong-Yeong brings the Counters into the autopsy room and together come to the conclusion that they’ve staged the whole thing for the pure purpose of raising the profile of Mayor Shin.

Noh Hang-Gyu is approached by Jeong-Yeong who immediately shows him a paper confirming he’s to be arrested for the attempted murder of Mo-Tak. Chang-Gyu is taken too along with Jae-Chul who are both about to be arrested for the same thing.

Cheong-Sin meanwhile is very much alive and dons a new disguise. As he does, Mayor Shin decides to run for Presidency and announces this on the news in front of everyone. Shin Hyeok-U waits for Mun after school and begins beating him down. That is, until Mun overpowers Hyeok-U and tells him he could kill him if he wanted to. However, he’s refraining from doing this.

Mun approaches Shin and tells him he can’t run for presidency. He goes on to mention how he’s going to stop him but Shin knows who he is. Recognizing his picture from his office, Shin eventually walks away scowling. That evening, Mun is grabbed and taken by a bunch of thugs.

The Episode Review

The Uncanny Counter returns with a dramatic follow-up to yesterday’s episode, one that sees Mun’s powers taken away and sent back to the real world with no memories. Well, the latter point is not relevant – thankfully! – but Mun’s woes continue as he finds himself at the mercy of his old bullies again.

Meanwhile, Mayor Shin uses Cheong-Shin’s return to his advantage and decides to run for Presidency after all. This will likely cause all sorts of problems for our Counters going forward as they’re forced to try and thwart his threat.

So far though The Uncanny Counter has delivered pretty good drama and this episode is easily one of the strongest of the bunch. Quite what will happen next remains to be seen but OCN’s latest weekend thriller is definitely one of the stronger currently airing on TV right now.

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