The Umbrella Academy – Season 3 Episode 9 “Seven Bells” Recap & Review

Seven Bells

Episode 9 of The Umbrella Academy Season 3 starts with a montage of Luther up on the Moon. 972 days pass, leading to Luther angry and unsure what else to do on his own. However, as the camera zooms out, we see another base where Abigail is being kept in cryogenic freezing.

This is where a lot of this hostility Luther has been feeling has come from, as Sloane and Luther awaken. The former encourages her new husband to go easy on Reginald and speak to him. Only, Allison shows up and apologizes first. There’s a family meeting coming but Luther is understandably guarded.

Meanwhile, a very hungover group of characters awaken and try to make sense of what’s happened the night before at the big wedding. Reginald approaches each of the kids, although with Five he shrugs off the questioning as Five is dead-set on finding out exactly who his father was talking to the night before.

The meeting gets underway and Reginald speaks about the Legend of the Seven Bells. Apparently there’s a truth to these myths and a way to put everything back together again. Part of this comes from the portal, which the Hotel Obsidian has been built around. The answer lies through there, and they need to ring those aforementioned bells.

However, there’s a Guardian in there protecting these, which would explain why Diego lost a couple of fingers. Given how dangerous this is going to be, they decide to mull this over and then vote. Five is not so sure, believing this may be a trap. He warns Luther as much, while Allison approaches Viktor and apologizes for what’s happened. She’s come around to the idea of this portal and believes it may actually be their key to salvation after all.

When the group gather again, Diego, Sloane, Luther and Viktor decide to stay, unwilling to fight. The deciding vote here comes to Five, who decides to take his future-self seriously and sit this one out. Reginald is disappointed.

Luther follows and speaks to his father about how hard it was to say no to him in the past. When Reginald apologizes, he leans forward and hugs Luther… and proceeds to stab him through the gut before slicing his chest. For Reginald, he believes this is going to be the best way to bring the family together and head through the portal after all.

As Five speaks to Viktor, he realizes that it was Allison who struck a deal with Reginald the night before. This explains Allison’s sudden changed behaviour.

As the hotel begins to be ripped into the Kugelblitz, everyone scrambles inside that room to that alternate dimension. Reginald though, pushes Klaus back, telling him he’s more trouble than he’s worth and leaving him to his fate. Klaus is ripped apart and is forced to watch as the Kugelblitz tears him to shreds.

The Episode Review

The penultimate episode to Umbrella Academy Season 3 starts off slow but ends with one heck of a bang. This show has needed some sacrifices for a while to up the stakes and we finally get it from both Luther and Klaus being killed. Of course, it seems unlikely that this will stick, as I’m sure there’s some sort of solution in the portal that will reverse what has happened.

However, the show manages to deliver a decent amount of drama all the same, with the reveal that Allison has actually struck up a deal with their father. It’s quite the surprising revelation and it sets things up nicely for what should be a very exciting finale to come.

It all comes down to this; The Umbrella Academy looks set to bow out with an explosive final episode. Who will survive? We’ll have to wait to find out!

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