The Twilight Zone – Season 2 Episode 10 Recap & Review

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Episode 10 of The Twilight Zone Season 2 acts as a sequel to the iconic 1962 episode “To Serve Man”. As we’re told early on, “The egg will make everything okay again.” Quite what this egg actually is though, remains a mystery. In the case of Mrs Jane Warren, she’s not so sure she wants to find out.

In her dreams, Jane sees an advertisement for a place called the Immolation Station, reinforcing that everyone in the world wants to own this egg.

Jane awakens from her dream and tells her friend she’s actually seen what this is but now, she isn’t so sure she actually wants it As she questions the nature of her own reality, Jane finds a twig in her hair and Mrs Jones on the bed next to her.

As Jane continues to investigate more about what this egg actually is, her next door neighbour rushes home cradling an egg and it raises even more alarm bells. Immediately, Jane grabs the phone and cancels her order.

After setting up a baby monitor in the room, Jane falls asleep. She replays the footage from the night before and sees herself floating across the room. Phoning one of her contacts for guidance, she decides to tie herself down ready for sleep that night but as she seems to be beamed up out the window, the cabinet gets stuck in the window frame.

Down on the ground, three alien figures known as the Kanamit contemplate what to do with her, until she wakes up and demand they take her to their supervisor.

Up on their ship, the Kanamit supervisor admits they’ve been looking at human commercials to study humanity’s desire for “things”. The egg idea was actually Mrs Warren’s idea originally and planted the idea that the egg is what everyone wants.

In actuality, it’s a Kanamit egg that these people are taking home and when hatched, kills those who have taken it.

After discussing the egg more on the ship, Jane awakens and goes about her day while chaos grips the town around her. With a slip in hand, she hurries into the parking lot as our narrator pops up and discusses commercialization, which is where the episode and series ends.

With a lot of heavy-handed discussion around consumerism and a satirical episode about our need for more items, this is undermined a little by a dig toward “how bad things are with democracy”, which feels a bit ill-placed in the context of the themes being discussed.

While this episode is primarily designed for those fans of the classic series, especially with the Kanamit popping up. If you haven’t seen that episode though there really isn’t a lot in this to recommend and out of all the episodes this season, this is probably one that’s as close to the political messaging as we got last season.

Overall then, the second season of The Twilight Zone ends as it began – averagely. There are some stand out moments within these ten episodes though but at the same time, it’s probably a good idea CBS released this is one hit.

It’s not a terrible series but it’s also a far cry from the original. Whether it’ll make this year’s list of top TV disappointments again though, remains to be seen.

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