The Twelve – Season 1 Episode 7 Recap & Review

Ludgard and Margot

4 Years Ago

Episode 7 of The Twelve begins with Margot receiving a call from Stefan who confirms that Fri is pregnant. It’s news that immediately sets her on the war-path and also gives her a motive to go after Fri.

Before Court – Day 7

Stefan and Margot sit together and discuss the court trial – and in particular the affair they’ve been hiding from everyone for such a long time. As we’ve seen in the past, these two were fooling around long before they claim to have been an item but Fri is none the wiser to this for now.

Delphine struggles to juggle her family responsibilities with the jury case and it’s made worse by Mike sleeping in and continuing to obsess over everything she does. Despite Carl allowing Juliette to babysit the kids, Delphine lies to Mike and admits she’s the one picking the kids up.

The Courtroom – Day 7

The final two witnesses are called up next, the first being Mrs Tindeman. She claims that Fri punched Margot in the face but due to a lack of evidence that was never substantiated and confirmed by officials.

The evening of Rose’s attack is discussed next and Margot claims to have been in the study. Mrs Tindeman was the one who heard Rose crying on the monitor and rushed upstairs. Although she didn’t actually see Fri smash the glass, she remains adamant that it was her in the room.

However, as the court soon hears she was actually involved in a relationship with Guy Vanneste. Guy and her were romantically involved when she was 19 and their love blossomed again 3 years ago. Guy’s niece happens to be called Vicky… the same Vicky we’ve heard mention of in the past working as a social worker and writing up the incriminating report against Fri.

Now things look incredibly shady and suspicious for the prosecution. Mrs Tindeman goes on to admit she convinced Vicky to write a negative report which subsequently resulted in Fri losing custody of Rose.

Margot takes the stand next and talks to the court about Fri punching her in the face. She didn’t file a report as Fri was pregnant at the time. However, she also claims that Fri admitted to her that she was the one who hurt Britt. Again, it’s another wild claim and one that has little evidence to back it up.

The night of the attack Margot tells the court she was wearing headphones and didn’t hear Rose crying but did hear her Mother screaming. It’s something that immediately doesn’t add up given the decibel level difference between the two and clearly something is being hidden here.

After Court – Day 7

After those bombshell reveals in court, Juliette arrives to picks the kids up from school. Only, while they’re messing around with paints and pretending it’s blood, Lola starts to scream.

When Delphine and Carl learn about this, they panic and try to get through to Juliette. Mike constantly phones Delphine but she ignores his calls for now and prepares to head up to hospital.

4 Years Earlier

Margot and Mrs Tindeman discuss Fri outside school and decide to team up together, prompting her to strike Margot across the face.

The Review Write-Up

After a disappointing previous episode, The Twelve comes out swinging with a great 45 minutes of big reveals and shocking home truths. There’s a lot of courtroom drama to digest too and it’s clear now that there’s a lot of bad blood between Margot and Fri on both sides of the conflict. The biggest twist though comes from Vicky actually being related to Guy and the affair that’s been hidden from the court.

It’s a massive hammer blow to the prosecution and it looks incredibly suspect that she was the one who wrote this report up stopping Fri from seeing Rose. We’ll have to wait and see how this one develops over time but right now The Twelve is really starting to heat up.


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