The Twelve – Season 1 Episode 6 Recap & Review


20th November 1999

Episode 6 of The Twelve begins with Stefan and Britt being revealed as the ones who trashed her room, splashing blood up on the walls and vandalizing the place to make it look like Guy was responsible.

Before Court – Day 6

Mike tries to make it up to Delphine after his previous behaviour, telling her they need to communicate better as he’s always angry. After telling her he’s addicted to her, he goes on to start kissing a visibly uncomfortable Delphine.

Carl and Juliette come to blows again while Fri sits with Mr Spaak and they discuss the upcoming case. If it turns out Britt cheated on Stefan then it could have given him probable cause to murder her. Clinging to this thin shred of hope, Ari holds Fri’s hand and tells her she’s receiving plenty of emails in support of her case.

Yuri and Bjorn visit Carla Laisa, bringing with them some money following the death of her husband, the construction worker. Unfortunately this doesn’t go down too well and they’re chased away by a trio of angry gang members. Arnold meanwhile receives some bad news about his monkey.

The Courtroom – Day 6

After all this time we finally get to hear from Guy Vanneste, the cattle farmer who was the main suspect for so many years. He claims to have been in Poland for 2 weeks during the time period but for now, we’re led to believe there’s no evidence of that.

Guys admits to threatening Marc with a gun but tells the court he didn’t fire. The pictures of Britt’s student room (the one we know Stefan and Britt vandalized) is then brought before the court and despite him having no part in what happened there, his mannerisms give off the illusion that he’s hiding something. Mr Spaak goes on to quell any doubts though, telling the court he doesn’t think Guy is responsible and the police have been looking at the wrong people.

The DNA results for Britt’s fetus come back and the Father isn’t actually Stefan – it’s her Professor whom she was sleeping with. With this news, the various lawyers decide to sleep on this and deliberate over what to do next.

After Court – Day 6

With Mike putting her in a difficult position, Delphine questions whether she should just quit jury service to look after the kids. As Noel and Carl discuss the implications of this with her, Carl manages to save the day and prevents her from having to leave by suggesting Juliette babysit the kids.

Arnold returns to the Zoo and learns the monkeys are being separated. He also receives some pretty harsh home truths from his co-worker surrounding his obsession with the monkeys and, with the stress piling up, breaks into his neighbour’s house and vandalizes their property, drawing a mustache on the painting and watering down the alcohol.

2 Years Earlier

Guy knocks on Stefan and Margot’s window, attracting the attention of Mrs Tindeman who happens to be sat at the kitchen table drinking wine, which is where the episode comes to a close.

The Review Write-Up

For most of this series, The Twelve has juggled the issues going on outside the courtroom with what’s going on inside relatively well. This episode though is disappointingly light in progression. I mentioned before about how The Twelve oftentimes feels like it’s dragging its heels and that much is especially true here. There’s very little of the court case and instead, we’re graced with a lot of melodrama for the jurors which dominates this episode.

The final teasing shots of the episode are enough to entice you back in to watch the next chapter though, but this one is disappointingly light on courtroom drama.

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