The Trip (2021) Ending Explained: Do Lisa and Lars survive the convicts?

The Trip Plot Synopsis

The Trip is a tale of a dysfunctional and disgruntled couple that both have plans to kill the other, but as fate would have it things soon turn from crazy to outrageous.

Unbeknownst to the other of course, Lisa and Lars both pack up their gear and head to a remote mountain cabin for a relaxing weekend. Only, Lars comes armed with a hammer, saw, rope and a whole slew of other goodies that wouldn’t be amiss from Dexter’s trunk. However, Lisa comes armed with a taser – and her wits.

Things soon go in an unexpected direction when a trio of escaped convicts show up at the cabin, causing all sorts of problems.

Why does Lisa want to kill Lars?

Early on in the movie, both Lisa and Lars want to kill the other. Lisa’s motivation stems from Lars struggling financially and succumbing to a nasty gambling addiction. He’s also a “two humps and fall asleep” guy between the sheets, prompting Lisa to get rid of Lars once and for all. After all, in a marriage his money is technically hers too so dipping into their funds to fuel his addiction isn’t great.

Why does Lars want to kill Lisa?

Now, Lars wants to kill Lisa to gain her insurance money after finding out she’s been seeing someone else and having an affair. This also links back to Lisa not being sexually satisfied, which is pretty much the extent of Lars’s motivation here.

Across the course of the movie, their bitter hostility soon turns to a team-up survival game when escaped convicts Roy, Petter and Dave show up at the cabin.

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How do Lars and Lisa stop the convicts?

Tied up and forced to do their bidding, Lisa saves Lars by lying, claiming she has 125,000 in the bank. While Petter waits to see if these claims are substantiated, Lars and Lisa reflect on their marriage and how they came to hate one another so.

Together, the pair out-muscle the Nazi, Roy, while Petter and Dave are out in the woods. The arrival of Lars’ father Mikkel ploughing into Petter takes him out but Mikkel is killed in the ensuing skirmish, prompting Lars to go on a revenge mission of his own. Just before he does, he urges Lisa to leave via their boat.

Lars soon kills Dave, paying his respects to his father there after. Only, it turns out Petter has actually kept Lisa hostage in their boat, intent on taking the money she had initially promised him.

When Lars appears, a final fight ensues where Lars drowns Petter but Lisa makes the moral choice to save her husband.

How does The Trip end?

With the convicts dead and the pair reflecting back on their marriage and where it all went wrong, Lars and Lisa watch the sunrise together.

In order to recoup their financial losses, Lisa decides that they should sell their tale of survival to the press and gain a lot of media attention. This works perfectly too, with their story rights sold for millions.

This also has the knock-on effect of seeing Lisa become a lead actress in the movie of their cabin ordeal, with Lars directing. However, some changes to the script are made – namely that revolving around Lars licking Petter’s shoes.

Instead, Lars has this play out like a heroic ploy, turning the tables on the robbers. Ultimately, this sees Lars project off a more idealized version of himself – and hopefully now the pair can rekindle their marriage and move past their transgressions.


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