The Terminal List – Season 1 Episode 7 Recap & Review

An Explosive Finish

Episode 7 of The Terminal List begins with James Reece evading the cops and hunting down the soldiers responsible for RD4895. The trio convene together and decide they need to think smart. Howard points out that they have legal cover and he’s not worried about Reece attacking, especially given there are numerous soldiers at the base that would protect them.

Reece happens to be out on Ben’s yacht, scouting the area from afar. Ben suggests they should try and sniper the trio but from here but it’s risky. If they miss, it’ll blow their cover and they may not get another chance at taking them out. However, things are made all the more difficult when Secretary Hartley ousts James Reece as public enemy number 1.

Tony leads the charge once again, pointing out Reece has a mission and they need to try and infiltrate that to have any chance of stopping him. They need to figure out who’s on his kill list in order to get the jump on him. Katie shows up at the office, throwing a spanner in the works, telling them everything about the Cap Table. She also reveals about the men responsible for RD4895 and James Reece’s mission t take them down. All Katie wants is to finish her story, but Tony refuses to let her leave the office until they’re done.

Captain Howard realizes that the jig is up and that he’s in danger. As a result, he tells his family they need to pack up and go on a trip immediately. With Howard AWOL, Tony sends his men over to the Naval base to investigate.

That night, James Reece tracks down Cox and tackles him out in the parking lot. After knocking him out, he takes Cox down to the water where he did his BUDS training. Cox tries to explain his actions but Reece is having none of it, pointing out that Cox sent his brothers to die knowing what was going to happen.

After taking out Cox, he rings Katie and apologizes for getting her involved. Aa the camera pans out, this catches us up to the moments at the start of this episode before we jumped back in time. There are two more men left to take out and Reece intends to go after Howard next.

Things are made more uncomfortable at the FBI as Tony is taken off the case for “overstepping” his boundaries. Tony is getting too close to the truth, especially when we learn that the Pentagon actually approved RD4895 in the first place. He brings this information to Katie, informing her he’s off the case and she needs to bring this to print as fast as possible.

Katie races to the library and begins writing up everything she knows about the RD4895, including how Lorraine Hartley’s name is all over this. She rings Jordan, sending the files over and hoping that this may make press and stop this escalating further. Katie also messages James, letting him know that Hartley approved the whole operation.

That night, James rings Pillar as Howard shows up in his office with explosives strapped to his chest. This came about earlier in the episode when Reece threatened the man’s son. Howard apologizes as Reece sets off the explosives from afar, blowing them both sky high. The last name on the list is Lorraine Hartley. Unfortunately, she’s clever and as a result, manages to infiltrate Katie’s email and stop it from being sent over to Gordy. The Secretary shows up that night and offers Katie an interview if she’s game, promising to reveal the whole truth.

The Episode Review

So it seemed obvious from the get-go that Lorraine Hartley was going to be behind this in some way, shape or form. She’s been all over the show and mixing with most of the crooks on James’ kill list. Most of the series has been a pretty formulaic affair with James taking out the guys on the list and learning another name that goes higher up the chain of command. Whilst there’s nothing wrong with that per-se, given the show is 8 hours long, that’s a lot of the same plot points chewed up and repeated.

However, we’re onto the final episode now and all roads lead to the Secretary and her approval of RD4895. Is there more to this story than meets the eye? We’ll have to wait and see but with all episodes dropping at once on Amazon, thankfully we don’t have to wait too long to find out!

Next Episode

Next Episode

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