‘The Takedown’ Ending Explained: Who killed Kevin Marchal?

The Takedown Plot Synopsis

The Takedown is the latest comedy-thriller to land on Netflix and stars Omar Sy and Laurent Laffitte as Ousmane and Francois, two Paris policemen who are forced to work together after the disfigured body of Kevin Marchal is discovered.

What happened to Kevin?

After being apart for several years, former police partners Ousmane and Francois meet up again at a Paris railway station where the body of Kevin has been found.

Unfortunately, the young man’s body has been sliced in two so the two cops only find one half of his mangled body. It’s a grim discovery and is the catalyst for their next case as they try to find the perpetrator of Kevin’s brutal murder.

Who was Kevin?

During their investigation, Ousmane and Francois head to a small French village to discover the identity of the dead man. After meeting with Kevin’s mother and girlfriend, they join the pieces of the case (but not Kevin’s body) together.

It turns out that Kevin was a drug manufacturer and dealer with a connection to a group known as the Sons of Clovis.

On the surface, the members of this group acted like concerned citizens under the direction of Mayor Antoine Brunner. However, Ousmane and Francois soon discover the sinister truth at the centre of the group’s organisation: they are actually a right-wing hate group plotting a series of bombing attacks on local mosques and synagogues.

After Kevin discovered the group’s plans, he called the police and spoke to Captain Mercier, the leader of the Paris crime division. Strangely, Mercier previously failed to tell Ousmane about this phone call but we soon discover why: Mercier is part of the terrorist group, along with the corrupt mayor.

As Kevin knew too much about the impending attacks, he was killed before he could tell anybody else.

Do Ousmane And Francois stop the attacks?

After learning of the location of the first impending attack – a local migrant centre – Francois and Ousmane head to the empty warehouse where the Sons of Clovis are putting together the final stages of their plan. Before Ousmane is able to get there, he is held up by local police officer Alice. Unfortunately, she is not on his side which he soon discovers when she pulls a gun on him. It then becomes apparent that she is affiliated with the terrorist group.

As the two fight, Francois makes his way into the warehouse and manages to infiltrate the group. It’s not long before his identity is rumbled, however, and the group turn on him. Thankfully, Ousmane, who has managed to get himself out of danger, arrives by car to save his struggling friend.

A battle between the two cops and the militia group begins but in the struggle, Brunner escapes. The cops are eventually able to give chase and they locate the wicked Mayor at the migrant centre where he plans to detonate the explosives.

After our heroes have cleared the innocent citizens at the centre, Brunner detonates the bomb. The building explodes and starts to fall apart, nearly killing Ousmane and Francois. Thankfully, they remain unscathed, as does Brunner, and the two manage to apprehend the Mayor before he can make his escape.

As such, the group’s plans have now been foiled although it’s their corrupt police chief who gets the credit.

Who killed Kevin?

During a chase between Kevin and an unknown shooter, the luckless chap was shot in the leg. He then fell from a bridge, got caught in some electric wires and was torn in two.

It is assumed the shooter was Carl Muller, a member of the hate group, as an incriminating gun is found in his locker. But as Ousmane believed the gun had been planted to frame the man, we never get to find out the true identity of the killer.


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