The Swarm – Season 1 Episode 8 Recap & Review

Episode 8

After the breathtaking discovery of the Yrr in the last episode, Episode 8 of The Swarm begins with Mifune flying down to the ship in a chopper. The group is excited at what this discovery means for the world. Sigur explains that Yrr’s unique composition ensures it can simultaneously exist as a single cell and a multi-cellular organism as well.

Samantha takes over and reveals that in response to the evolution image they sent out to the Yrr, they have received an image of the Panthalassa from the ocean.

It was when Earth’s continents were joined together in the form of a supercontinent…and this was around 250 million years ago! Everyone nods in agreement when Charlie says that the Yrr’s collective memory is as old as the earth itself. And they will outlive humans as well. The task now is to find out more about them and then release them back into the ocean.

As they discuss Alicia’s state, Charlie once again takes the lead in suggesting that the Yrr did not mean to harm her. They were perhaps even unaware that humans are an intelligent species like them. As the night falls, Mifune brings in Jasper to tell him about the new tsunami wreaking havoc in Lekki, Nigeria. The ship’s chief officer, Kofi, is from the place and the difficult task to tell him falls on Jasper’s shoulders. 

Cecile makes a ground-breaking discovery that is supposed to bring conflict within the group. Ketamine, the drug, has proved to be poisonous for the organism. From the water drawn in the moon pool, Cecile has been able to perform tests. Mifune immediately asks if they can administer it to kill the Yrr in the ocean, which draws mixed reactions. Cecile isn’t sure how to go about it if they do. Sigur, Charlie, and Leon oppose the move but Sara suggests they should drop a dose of ketamine in the moon pool.

Eventually, they decide to test it. Mifune feels it might give them leverage while “negotiating” with the organism later. However, the move has a disastrous effect. The moment Cecile drops the drug into the water, the Yrr explodes in a loud scream as it gets eviscerated. The release of energy is so large that it breaks all the windows on the ship, cuts off the engines and the power, and kills Luther, who is standing beside Cecile in the hangar. 

The ship hits an iceberg up ahead but escapes the situation unscathed. It is then revealed that the Yrr in the ocean is carrying them to another place. The ship is not drifting on its own. Sigur thinks that their next course of action should be letting the Yrr know that they understand its message. While the message is ready to be broadcast, Samantha cannot do it unless the power is back and the equipment is working again. Sigur comes up with the idea to release Luther into the water and allow the Yrr to merge with him, as they did with Alicia. 

Charlie suggests the best way to do this is by going deep into the ocean using the HOV. Mifune, Cecile, Sato, and Sara fly out with Alicia using the chopper. The ship is now stuck between the icebergs, with no one having a clue what is happening. Charlie takes the HOV into the water and then does something that no one approves of: sacrificing herself. Instead of releasing Luther, Charlie herself prepares to go out and merge with the Yrr. She injects herself with the sample that Cecile gave her. It has Yrr cells dissolved in it. 

Charlie soon becomes unconscious and the hatch in the HOV opens, releasing her into open waters where the Yrr laps her up. It releases the ship from the stronghold of the icebergs. The series ends with Charlie washing ashore, still alive. Her eyes look different as it is strongly suggested that she now has the Yrr DNA inside of her.

The Episode Review

Despite starting so well, The Swarm’s Season 1 finale has ended chaotically. And without answers. The whole episode went berserk after the Yrr was injected with ketamine. It is so hard to believe that the creators went ahead with the finale in its current shape as none of what happened is comprehensible. Even as a reviewer, it is difficult for me to make out the head and tail of this situation.

What happened to the Thorvaldsson? Why was it stuck between the icebergs and why did the Yrr release it after Charlie “offered” herself up? Is that supposed to be a sign of communication? Did the Yrr stop the attacks on humanity? Was planet Earth saved? We, like you, we wanted answers to these burning questions but The Swarm provided us nothing. 

Cecile discovering a poison in a few hours for an organism that has stood on the earth for as long as it has been in existence is taking the disbelief of suspension too far. The disastrous move to use the ketamine on the Yrr in the moon pool is ill-thought and random. It does not suit the story at all. Episode 7 had set up a wonderful trajectory for the finale to bring the show to an end. However, all of that has been spoilt by an incredibly wasteful, confused, and overdrawn episode.

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3 thoughts on “The Swarm – Season 1 Episode 8 Recap & Review”

  1. I agree with the author. I read the recap since I didnt really understand the finale. Why in the world would they kill the Yrr in the moon pool? That made no sense at all! I honestly thought the whales would attack the boat after the screams from the Yrr. I thought the finale was all over the place and so disappointing. And I shouldn’t have to read the book to understand the show!

  2. I absolutely understood every episode and the finale! And I have not even read the book. Somehow I knew the heroine would not be offed if there is going to be a second season. Can’t wait!

  3. I loved the finale and this author has it all wring w his review. It ended absolutely perfect because it is a continuing story. The producers covered a great deal of the book that I am reading. There is so much science detail that TV or a movie cannot cover. If you read the book you understand the show better.

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