The Surrogacy Season 1 Ending Explained – Do Yeni and Carlos end up together?

The Surrogacy Season 1 Plot Summary

The Netflix Mexican drama The Surrogacy follows Yeni, a young girl who turns into a surrogate for a young married couple from a wealthy family in order to get her dad out of jail. She has been treated with affection and tenderness throughout her pregnancy but once she gives birth, their attitude abruptly changes.

When Yeni finds herself on a bench someplace, she discovers that the family has abandoned her with the child. Additionally, she is forced into a world of deception and lies as she seeks the truth.

Why does Yeni agree to be a surrogate?

The business owner of Huizar Pharmaceuticals, Nora has been putting pressure on Julia since her daughter, Fernanda recently became a mom. Carlos and Fernanda are at odds over him inheriting the business.

All Carlos really wants is a child to ensure both he and Julia can live together happily. Julia desperately wants to have children, but her infertility problems and Mexico’s ban on surrogacy prove to be significant obstacles. As a consequence, she works with a legal professional to make Yeni defenceless.

Julia plans to initially abduct Yeni. However, the strategy fails when Yeni’s dad, Mubu, defends his child by shooting the assailants, David and Balo. Mubu comes from a poor family and has absolutely nothing left to his name; all he has is a child who is now frantically trying to get her dad released from jail. Yeni is persuaded to become a surrogate by Julia and Carlos, who assist her dad.

How does the Huizar family deceive Yeni?

Carlos starts treating Yeni like royalty and ensures she is as relaxed as possible in order to achieve his goal. Soon after, Nora takes Yeni for an examination, and Marcella—a rebellious physician and scientist—discloses that Yeni is expecting twins. Nora keeps Yeni in the dark up until she goes into labour. Marcella eagerly accepts Nora’s decision because she wants to leave the company.

Yeni ends up giving birth to both a daughter as well as a son, and although the girl turns out sufficiently healthy, the boy has clubfoot. Following that, Nora deceives Julia as well as her son into thinking that their son has been born dead. Nora abandons Yeni along with the child. She also deceives Carlos and controls him in the process.

What happens after Yeni is left on the bench with the kid?

Marcella discovers Yeni and makes every effort to assist her with the aid of a legal professional and her partner, Roberto. Meanwhile, Yeni reconnects with Cuca and Sonia. All three of them set out on a quest for survival with Keyus, Sonia’s companion. Although at first, they think Marcella is on their team, Irene’s untimely death changes their viewpoints.

When Yeni attempts to contact Carlos, Julia answers it and smashes the cell phone out of jealousy. Yeni opts to care for the child as though he were her own son despite being left helpless and penniless.

Meanwhile, Ochoa, whose spouse and child have been harmed by Huizar Pharmaceuticals’ postpartum depression medications, is dragging the company into the tabloids. Yeni is compelled to go into hiding while the Huizars navigate the fallout from the lawsuit using their typical brutal style.

Who are Tessa and Luciano’s parents?

Julia is suspicious that Carlos and Yeni were up to something more after she sees Carlos’ endless desire to locate Yeni. Thereafter, we discover that Marcella gave Yeni drugs at Nora’s request. The abortion medication is effective, and Yeni experiences a miscarriage, however, Carlos keeps Julia in the dark.

Carlos is disappointed and devastated to learn that Julia’s embryo is unable to develop into a baby. He hides it from everybody, including Yeni, who he eventually develops feelings for.

But we discover that the abortion medication wasn’t effective. Yeni was carrying twins that were identical after the embryo split in two, one of whom was aborted by the medication. She ended up carrying both her and Carlos’ kid in addition to Julia and Carlo’s child. The child with the clubfoot is revealed to be Julia’s because the deformity problem is caused by the medication and the girl, Tessa, is actually Carlos and Yeni’s.

Why do the women give up their biological kids?

Balo, who is after retribution for his deceased brother, targets Yeni’s dad. Mubu is killed along with the car’s driver when Balo throws him in front of the moving vehicle. The vehicle’s driver appears to be Francisco’s spouse who is now responsible for Francisca, their infant. Yeni is entangled in a complicated situation, and once she finds comfort in Francisco, she seizes the opportunity to flee.

Although Julia longs to hold her kid, Tessa is equally difficult for her to let go of. As a consequence, both women opt to keep their kids to themselves. Meanwhile, Carlos doesn’t know what’s going on and believes Yeni died during the blast that Ochoa set off.

What happens after the twins grow up?

Years later, Tessa and Francisca have matured along with Luciano, Yeni’s kid. Yeni has been avoiding Carlos and the deceptive Huizar household as a whole. However, she is not too lucky. When Francisca posts Luciano’s video online and it becomes popular, she is compelled to tell Luciano the whole truth. In the meantime, conflicts are plaguing Fernanda and Arturo’s marriage.

When Nora first meets Luciano and learns that he is Julia and Carlos’ child, she makes the decision to give him the company. But she suffers a serious paralytic attack on hearing that he is gay, leaving her confined to bed for the remainder of her days. Now, Arturo also happens to be dead.

Does the show have a happy ending?

The many broken couples connect once the secret is out. Keyus and Julia communicate. Francisco and Sonia have a good relationship now. Likewise, Carlos and Yeni are prepared to move past their history. Now that Marcella and Roberto are opting to make things official, everybody involved is a large, content family.

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