The Surrogacy – Season 1 Episode 2 Recap & Review

Episode 2

In episode 2 of The Surrogacy, Marcela locates Yeni and makes every effort to assist her with the support of a legal professional and her partner, Roberto. Soon after, Yeni reconnects with Cuca, her previous employer, and Sonia, her child. Along with Keyus, Sonia’s companion, all three of them set out on a journey to survive. Although at first, they think Marcela is on their side, Irene’s unexpected passing alter their viewpoint.

When Yeni tries to contact Carlos, Julia answers it and smashes his cell phone in her jealousy. Thereafter, Yeni chooses to raise the kid as though he were her own even though she is left without resources and money.

Meanwhile, Ochoa is drawing attention to Huizar Pharmaceuticals in the press because his wife and child were harmed by the postpartum depression medications they produced. As for Yeni, she is compelled to go into hiding while the Huizar family deals with the fallout from the lawsuit in their usual ruthless fashion.

Julia is suspicious that Carlos and Yeni had been up to something more behind the scenes after observing Carlos’ unwavering desire to locate Yeni. Meanwhile, we learn that Lucia, a pregnant woman, was driving the car when Balo pushed Mubu in front of it. Mubu was killed in the incident, and Lucia was taken to the hospital.

We discover that Marcela gave Yeni sketchy drugs at Nora’s request. The abortion pills were effective, and Yeni experienced a miscarriage. However, Carlos kept Julia in the dark and never revealed what really happened. Carlos is disappointed and hurt to learn that Julia’s final embryo was unable to develop into a baby. He hides it from everybody, including Yeni, who he eventually develops feelings for.

The Episode Review

We learn more about the plot and the characters as the second episode of The Surrogacy dives deeper into the specifics of the storyline.

Drama is used extensively in the show to try to build suspense. However, it’s difficult to take the show too seriously because the events that are taking place seem far too improbable.

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