The Surrogacy – Season 1 Episode 1 Recap & Review

Episode 1

The Surrogacy episode 1 starts off with Julia desperately wanting to have children, but her infertility problems and Mexico’s ban on surrogacy prove to be huge roadblocks. As a result, Julia works with a lawyer to manipulate Yeni. Following the attack on Yeni’s father, Julia initially plans on abducting Yeni. The strategy, however, fails when Yeni’s dad, Mubu, defends his child by shooting the perpetrators, David and Balo.

Mubu comes from a poor family and has virtually nothing left to his name; all he has is a child who is currently frantically trying to get her dad released from jail. Julia and Carlos persuade Yeni to have a surrogate child. In exchange for helping her dad, they make her sign a contract.

Since her kid Fernanda has given birth, Nora, the founder of Huizar Pharmaceuticals, is putting pressure on Julia. Carlos and Fernanda are at odds over Carlos inheriting the business. Carlos, however, is only interested in having a child to ensure that both he and Julia can live in peace.

Carlos ensures Yeni is as relaxed as possible in order to achieve his objective. Soon after, Marcela informs Nora that Yeni is expecting twins. Nora keeps Yeni in the dark about it up until Yeni goes into labour. While this is going on, Balo kills Mubu by pushing him towards a moving car.

Yeni ends up giving birth to both a boy as well as a girl. Although the girl is extremely healthy, the boy has clubfoot. Julia and Carlos are led to believe that their kid was born dead by Nora. Following that, Nora throws Yeni away along with the child.

The Episode Review

We learn about the plot and main characters in the first episode of The Surrogacy. The foundation for the upcoming episode is laid in this episode, but it doesn’t do so particularly well.

The episode concludes with Nora dumping Yeni with Julia and Carlos’ son simply because he was born with a medical condition. It will be interesting to see how things progress from here.

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