The Summer I Turned Pretty Season 2 Episode 8 Recap, Review & Ending Explained

Love Triangle

Episode 8 of The Summer I Turned Pretty season 2 starts with Conrad finishing his exams. He calls Steven to give him the good news about his paper and Steven asks him to talk to Belly about his feelings.

What does Conrad do after finding Belly and Jeremiah kissing?

Conrad feels pumped about talking to Belly, but outside he spots Belly making out with Jeremiah. He gets angry and sarcastically apologises for interrupting them, leaving them to clear out his dorm room.

Outside, Jeremiah urges Belly to talk to Conrad and she follows after him to apologise. Belly claims that Conrad should not have seen her kiss his brother.

In the car, Laurel and Steven talk about his last few weeks before college and the two discuss their love lives with Cleveland and Taylor respectively. At the same time, Belly tells Jeremiah that Conrad is not coming but Jeremiah insists that they wait for him to return all the same.

Inside the dorm room, Conrad learns from his roommate that Belly and Jeremiah have been looking for him at the beginning of summer. He also finds the infinity necklace Belly left behind and thinks about everything that happened between them this summer.

What happens when Conrad and Jeremiah drive Belly home?

As Belly and Jeremiah wait for Conrad, she tries to reassure him that she didn’t kiss him to get back at Conrad. Just then, Conrad joins them to drop Belly home. During the ride, Conrad makes comments about Belly to rile Jeremiah up. Conrad’s behaviour does not sit well with Belly either and she asks him to stop.

Why do Steven and Taylor fight?

After getting back home, Steven goes out to meet Taylor but finds her friends with her. There, Steven learns that Milo has made a diss album to mock him.

After her friends leave, Taylor and Steven discuss Belly’s romantic life and are shocked to know that they’re both rooting for different Fisher brothers. While Taylor claims that Jeremiah is right for Belly, Steven states that Conrad is misunderstood and treated Belly that way because he was dealing with his mother’s loss. The two argue and leave their date on a rough note.

What do Jeremiah and Conrad argue about?

On their way back home, Belly, Conrad and Jeremiah get caught in a storm and decide to get off the highway when Belly gets hungry. While Belly uses the restroom, Conrad and Jeremiah get some snacks for her. The brothers argue about the snacks that Belly prefers, with Jeremiah getting upset with Conrad for the constant sarcasm.

Jeremiah asks if Conrad still likes Belly and that he never stopped wanting her from the time they first got together. The shop owner interrupts the boys’ conversation and reminds them that there’s a storm warning. The roads are going to be closing down soon. He advises them to crash at a motel nearby.

Inside the car, Belly picks the item Conrad got for her instead of Jeremiah’s. The trio decide to get a room at the motel, but they learn it only has one left. Still, they decide to take it for the night. Belly goes up to the room with Jeremiah and the two discuss what they would like to do with their feelings for each other.

What does Jeremiah tell Belly and Conrad?

Jeremiah asks Belly to sort her feelings out with Conrad first before starting something new, because he doesn’t want to rehash what happened between them last summer. Belly promises to talk to Conrad the following morning and goes to take a shower.

At the same time, Jeremiah finds Conrad outside and talks to him. Jeremiah claims that Conrad needs to admit that he still loves Belly and adds that he needs to tell her about his feelings. Jeremiah asks Conrad to confess his feelings for Belly because she doesn’t know that she still has a chance with Conrad. Jeremiah wants the two of them to be happy and he’s okay if Belly picks him because he’s mature about his feelings now.

Does Conrad confess his feelings for Belly?

Inside the room, Belly asks for Laurel’s advice about her feelings and the mother believes Belly should give herself some liberty to fall in love often. Laurel then goes to a writer’s get-together and makes a new writer friend named Sandra. The writers at the get-together clap for her when she reads a passage about Belly and Susannah’s relationship from her novel.

Belly, Conrad and Jeremiah go to sleep in the motel room with the boys sleeping on the floor on either side of the bed.

After a whole lot of tossing and turning through the night, Belly is not able to fall asleep. Conrad, who is also awake eventually tells Belly that he still loves her without looking for a response. A flashback takes the episode to the time when Susannah was alive. Laurel takes Belly to see Susannah for the first time after her breakup with Conrad. Belly is heartbroken to see Susannah in such a bad shape but the two talk about the emotions Belly is going through.

Jeremiah finds Belly in Susannah’s room and decides to give them space. Present-day Belly thinks about the moment in the motel room bed. At the house, Steven listens to Milo’s diss track about him and is annoyed. He notices that Taylor isn’t texting him back either.

Does Belly end up with Jeremiah?

The following day, Belly wakes up before the boys and starts getting ready. When she comes out, she notices that Jeremiah has left the room. Belly goes out to look for Conrad but can’t find him anywhere. She starts getting worried that he has left already but is glad to see him.

Jeremiah claims that he was getting breakfast for her when Belly tells him about her conversation with Conrad. Belly tells Jeremiah that she’s thinking about him only and the two make out.

Does Belly end things with Conrad?

A while later, Belly goes inside the room and has a mature adult conversation with Conrad. Conrad comes clean about the fact that he was upset about Belly kissing Jeremiah and was purposely instigating a fight between them to mess things up.

Belly tells herself that she was ready to release Conrad and put her feelings for him to rest, wiping the slate clean. Conrad, however, forces Belly to take the infinity necklace back. He then leaves Jeremiah to drop Belly home and goes back to the back house.

The trio decide to meet at the beach house on the fourth of July and part ways. Belly and Jeremiah drive back home together.

Do Taylor and Steven make up?

Outside Taylor’s house, Steven shows up with Belly’s bag in case she appears at Volleyball camp. The two have an argument and Taylor claims that she always had the upper-hand in her past relationships.

Belly admits that she is so in love with him that she worries she’ll look stupid for caring too much about Steven. Steven reassures her that Taylor still has the upper-hand in their relationship and the two make out.

Steven drives Taylor to camp and they are shocked to see Jeremiah and Belly show up. Steven tries to be supportive of Belly and Jeremiah’s relationship while Jeremiah is going to stay back to watch Belly play and cheer her on.

How does The Summer I Turned Pretty Season 2 end?

At camp, Belly promises to be dedicated to the team and the sport. Belly and the rest of the volleyball team manage to convince Coach Shaw into letting Belly rejoin the team.

The season ends with Belly playing Volleyball while Jeremiah watches her from the stands. She thinks about how she always dreamed about a future with Conrad for many years and how things in the present are quite different from what she had imagined.

Meanwhile, Conrad sets up the beach house the same way Susannah set it up.

The Episode Review

Oh! Another season of The Summer I Turned Pretty has come to an end just like that and we’re not the only ones wondering what to do with their time every Friday now that this season is over! It is clear that Belly is only choosing Jeremiah after taking Taylor’s advice of “getting over a man is by getting under another.”

As much as I am Team Jellyfish, it looks like Bonrad is going to blow fans away in the next season. This episode had ‘exile’ by Taylor Swift play and the lyrics of the song may be telling what the next season would look like for Team Jeremiah fans.

With that being said, Team Staylor has my whole heart and I cannot wait for another season of them bickering and falling more and more in love with each other.

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