The Summer I Turned Pretty Season 2 Episode 8 (Finale) Preview: Release Date, Time, & Where To Watch

The Summer I Turned Pretty Season 2 Episode 8 (finale)

The ‘golden-retriever teen boys’ like Min-ho from XO Kitty, Peter Kavinsky from To All The Boys I’ve Loved Before, Conrad and Jeremiah from The Summer I Turned Pretty are taking over the internet. With that being said, these men written by New York Times Bestselling author, Jenny Han will see a lot more popularity in the upcoming season of The Summer I Turned Pretty.

Based on the second book from the Summer series, the upcoming season of the teen romance follows the story of the novel, ‘It’s Not Summer Without You’. Starring Lola Tung as the 16-year-old Belly the show will also feature Christopher Briney as Conrad Fisher and Gavin Casalegno as Jeremiah Fisher, Belly’s two romantic interests.

If you’ve been following this teen romantic series, you may be curious to find out when its upcoming season releases.

Here is everything you need to know about the Summer I Turned Pretty Season 2 finale aka Episode 8, including its release date, time and where you can watch it.

What is The Summer I Turned Pretty about?

The Summer I Turned Pretty tells the story of a teen girl named Belly who measures her life in summers. Everything good, everything magical happens between the months of June to August. For her, winters are simply a time to count the weeks until the next summer and a time she spends at a place away from the beach house, away from Susannah, and most importantly, away from Jeremiah and Conrad.

They are the boys that Belly has known since her very first summer—they have been her brother figures, her crushes, and everything in between. But one summer, one wonderful and terrible summer, the more everything changes, the more it all ends up just the way it should have been all along.

Where Can I Watch The Summer I Turned Pretty Season 2?

The Summer I Turned Pretty is a Prime Video Original and airs on the streaming platform globally with a relevant subscription. Expect the episodes to be dropped with relevant subtitles. The show will also be dubbed in multiple languages and can be watched in different audio formats

The Summer I Turned Pretty Season 2 Episode 8 Release Date

Episode 8 of The Summer I Turned Pretty Season 2 will release on Friday 18th August at 12:00 am (PT) / 3:00 am (ET). Each episode of the season will have a runtime of approximately 50 minutes long.

With Belly finally kissing Jeremiah, one could expect her to finally pick Jeremiah as her partner in the season finale now that she is over Conrad. However, there is also some uncertainty after Steven convinced Conrad to come clean about his feelings for Belly. 

How Many Episodes Will The Summer I Turned Pretty Season 2 Have?

The upcoming season of The Summer I Turned Pretty will have 8 episodes in total. The first three episodes of the show dropped simultaneously on July 14. The five remaining episodes of the show dropped on a weekly basis every Friday thereafter. With the release of this episode, the show’s second season will have come to an end.

What Happened In Episode 7?

With Adam agreeing to buy the Beach House, the boys are relieved. Conrad tells Jeremiah about getting into Stanford. Meanwhile, Belly comes clean about her feelings for Jeremiah but Steven asks Conrad to tell Belly that he still loved her. 

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Is There A Trailer For The Summer I Turned Pretty Season 2?

There is indeed! You can find a trailer for the new season of Prime Video’s That Summer I Turned Pretty.

What do you hope to see as the series progresses? What are you most excited to see with The Summer I Turned Pretty Season 2? Let us know in the comments below!

16 thoughts on “The Summer I Turned Pretty Season 2 Episode 8 (Finale) Preview: Release Date, Time, & Where To Watch”

  1. I think who ever said that Belly and Jeramiah’s chemistry is stupid and forced is just not smart and are clearly not into the show. They are perfect together. Conrad is toxic and not a good bf.

  2. I love Belly and Conrad together, they both look good and nice together. Their love looks real, whilst Belly and Jeremiah was like a force love, I guess. I saw how Conrad and Belly heart break when both of them disagreed with each other.

  3. I forever stand by Jeremiah, I love Conrad but I think he’s toxic and unaware of how bad his actions are. I think his ignores Jeremiah’s true feelings and assumes he’s always okay. Conrad deserves happiness but he also needs to realize how much everyone around him tries to be there for him. Jeremiah took care of their mom all by himself, made her food, cleaned, did the bills and was there until the very end. Conrad never recognized what Jere did for THEIR mother. But besides that and yes I HAVE read the books..

    Jere and Belly have a very strong connection in the books but also in the show (Gavin and Lola bring their love to life very well) but one thing that is often ignored is that Belly and Jeremiah have truly spent their whole lives together being best friends. Belly openly talks about how Steven and Conrad did everything together and Jere would hangout with Belly, he stayed with her when he got sick, went out to get midol for her cramps, they would have sleepovers together as kids, he is always there for her and they did date for two years+. I want them to end up together because it’s more realistic and tbh she only spent 6 months with connie and he didn’t notice her until he was 18… In reality you don’t end up with your first crush (bellys obsession is connie). I think the true beauty behind Conrad and Belly is that your first love doesn’t need to be your last and bc its not doesn’t mean it wasn’t beautiful. I also want to say, I’m not saying Belly and Conrad didn’t love each other because I know they did. But for years that was Belly’s dream, dreams aren’t real and to be fully honest its hard for me to believe someone can be that deeply in love over a crush and obsession for years. At the end of the day even tho she ends up with connie in the books, her and jere’s love story was highly failed. They deserved more.

    Connie can’t be what Belly needs, but Jeremiah is.

  4. I really love seeing Belly and Jeremiah together. They have wonderful chemistry and depict a happier and healthier relationship than with Conrad, who is broody and has emotional swings that would cause Belly to be constantly second-guessing herself. At least with Jeremiah, she can be honest about what she is feeling and vice versa. She is also more self-confident with Jeremiah, which is good to see in this day and age. I hope Jenny makes them the end-game couple in Season 3. I know its different than the books, but I think it would be awesome to have a healthy end-game couple at the end of the series. Yes wedding scene would be awesome.

  5. i’m totally team jeremiah
    recently their chemistry has just been so strong and they truly deserve each other #teamjelly

  6. There is so much chemistry between Jeremiah and Belly, Conrad fumbled her heart, i hope she sticks with Jeremiah #teamjeremiah

  7. I feel like jeremiah and belly deserve to be together in the show. And Conrad and Belly can have the books. Even tho some ppl want to see their wedding come to LIFE, I feel like jenny can make a separate part for them.

  8. I loved watching every scene and episode of the show. I wonder if she still ends up with Conrad even though she has such compassion and connection towards Jeremiah. I think she deserves to be with Conrad. Because what the two lovebirds share is so special more than words can express.

  9. i would really love to see jeremiah and belly because i feel like conrad had his chance and jeremiah and belly have so good chemistry together and if she wanted conrad why would she kiss jeremiah just to break his heart again

  10. With Conrad there is so much chemistry and so much that has been unspoken for too long. I dont like jerimiahs immature ways and his bi-character. Conrad is more mature and suits her better. Stick to the books otherwise call the sow something different. I like steven and taylor.

  11. I love Belly and Jeremiah together. They are so fun to watch and seem very natural with each other. I would really like them to stay together.
    Let the book fans have Conrad and the show fans have Jeremiah and then everyone would be happy. Just a thought.

  12. Please just keep this according to the books it will be ruined if you don’t. There is no chemistry between Jeremiah and Belly , it looks so forced and dumb. To change the ending is pointless will just make the books seem like a lie! Everyone knows Belly belongs with Conrad! Their mothers, belly’s brother, and Belly and Conrad know it. I did not like the way they presented Jeremiah in the 2nd movie he comes across as a jealous and revengeful brat! So stick to the books please!

  13. I want belly to pick Jeremiah, they get to keep the beach house and she finally stops thinking about Conrad

  14. I really like Belly with Jeremiah. I would like to see her play Volleyball again. I know there has to be conflict, but there should be a new love interest for Conrad, not sure how she might be connected. I like Taylor with Steven.

  15. Whom ever Belly choose then don’t let stop continue Opposite person on there own journey..Goes for her friend an Steven ..Even her Mother’s Journey..Just don’t let end with Whom she picks ..There can be so much to The Series an there Lives ..

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