The Summer I Turned Pretty – Season 2 Episode 7 “Love Affair” Recap & Review

Love Affair

Episode 7 of The Summer I Turned Pretty starts with Belly being woken up by Laurel. Laurel is furious at her for leaving a voice note crying and asking for her mother’s help. Belly tries to apologise and tells her mother that the boys really needed her help saving the beach house.

Laurel ignores Belly and asks her to get dressed to go back home. Belly tries to reason with her mother and apologises for the way things turned out because of how she acted at Susannah’s funeral. She blames herself for making everything about her instead of honouring Susannah.

Laurel gets furious when Belly blames her for not being the same after Susannah’s death and for bottling her feelings up. Laurel ends up slapping Belly causing the teenager to run to the beach. Conrad and Jeremiah overhear the conversation between the mother-daughter duo and Jeremiah decides to follow Belly to the beach to console her.

Belly continues to bring up Conrad and the brothers’ fight from the night before. Jeremiah asks Belly to stop and gets upset at her for meddling in the brothers’ business. He claims that there are many other reasons for him to be pissed at Conrad that have nothing to do with Belly.

Laurel blames the kids for messing up Susannah’s beach house and getting rid of her stuff but Steven tells his mother that it was Aunt Julia. Laurel is shocked to learn that the beach house is being sold and that Adam did nothing to save his wife’s childhood dream house.

Conrad and Steven are upset with Laurel for knowing everything about the house and not telling the kids about it. Steven accuses his mother of not trying hard enough and asks her to step up her game. Laurel finds Belly and Jeremiah outside the house and talks to her daughter. She apologises to Belly for hitting her and for how she’s been upset about Susannah’s death.

Laurel confesses that she was trying to bottle up her feelings and promises Belly to be there for her. Belly breaks down and apologises to her mother and the two forgive each other for their past mistakes. Inside the beach house, Laurel apologises to all the kids for not being there for them and asks them to clean up before she talks to Julia.

Steven lets Taylor borrow his car on her way back home to attend Volleyball camp. Taylor asks Belly to join her but Belly decides staying back would help the boys more. She is shocked to learn that Taylor and Steven were a thing while Taylor urges Belly to follow her heart and confess to Jeremiah.

Steven sees Taylor off and the group gets back to cleaning up the beach house. Julia shows up earlier than expected and is shocked to see what the kids have done to the house. Laurel talks to Julia in private and the two women discuss Susannah’s love for the beach house.

Laurel tries to convince Julia to back off from the sale and consider what the boys are going through. Julia shares stories of her childhood and how she never grew close to Susannah. Laurel tries to reason with Julia and eventually convinces her to back off from the sale and the kids are excited.

Skye thanks their mother for listening to Laurel and the mother-child duo bond as Skye tells Julia about their kiss with Cameron. They tell Julia how happy they were. Meanwhile, Belly and Conrad get to talking and they apologise to each other for how things turned out when they were dating.

Belly asks Conrad to be friends again and the two hug it out but Conrad seems displeased about the title of just being Belly’s friend. Inside the house, Laurel claims that the sale was put off with the pretext that Adam would buy out the beach house from Julia. She asks the kids to finish cleaning up the before the adults talk to Adam.

Adam shows up at the beach house and Laurel and Julia try to convince him to buy out the house to retain memories of Susannah. Conrad and Jeremiah try to reason with their dad who is hesitant about buying the beach house as it reminded him of their late mother.

Adam finally agrees to buy the beach house and claims that they would have to sell out their home in Boston for him to be able to afford the beach house. The boys tell their father that they would be okay doing so and Adam agrees to purchase the house.

Jeremiah asks Conrad to follow him to the beach where the brothers discuss the potential purchase and the sale of their own house. Conrad tells Jeremiah about being accepted into Stanford and adds that he’s not sure he could pass his final exam to get into college.

Jeremiah admits that he was not going to let Conrad give up his and Susannah’s dream. Back at the beach house, Julia and Skye ask Laurel to crash with them at the motel for the night as Belly, Jeremiah and Steven help Conrad study. Belly and Jeremiah share several romantic moments through the night as the group helps Conrad study for his exam.

After a long night of studying and taking much-needed dance breaks, Belly and Conrad sit by the pool. Belly starts to tell Conrad about her feelings but he dozes off. The next morning, Laurel comes to pick Belly and Steven up to go back home and allows her one last ride with the Fisher boys.

Before leaving, Steven privately tells Conrad to tell Belly about his feelings and asks Belly to follow her heart. The three boys decide to continue their traditional Belly flop by throwing Belly in the pool one last time before going back home for the rest of the year.

The four kids play in the pool for a short while before Steven joins Laurel on her drive back home and Belly joins Jeremiah on his way to drop Conrad to college for his final exam. On the ride back, Belly gets cold and Jeremiah offers to turn off the air conditioning for her but Belly takes Conrad’s jacket instead.

There is tension in the air and Belly plays some music to ease it off. The trio enjoy the music and bid Conrad off to write his exam as they reach Brown University. As they wait for Conrad to finish his exam, Belly and Jeremiah take a look around the campus and Belly imagines what it would be like for her if too got into Brown like Jeremiah.

She tells Jeremiah how they can roam about campus. Waiting by the car for Conrad to return, Belly confesses her feelings for Jeremiah. She promises that there’s no way for her to go back to Conrad and tells him she regrets breaking his heart.

Jeremiah is uncertain but ends up kissing Belly by the car. The episode ends with Conrad interrupting Belly and Jeremiah as they do so.

The Episode Review

I have so many questions about Belly’s decision and my first is… what is she thinking? This entire season has been Belly apologising for everything she has done and she continues to make bad decisions regardless.

One would have expected Belly to learn from her mistakes by meddling in the already chaotic relationship between the Fisher brothers but this episode ends with her kissing Jeremiah and Conrad interrupting them.

With only one last episode left in the show, one may expect Belly to start dating Jeremiah while Conrad keeps silent about his feelings for her and watches his brother be with the girl he loves.

Knowing how Book 3 in the series turns out, Belly and Jeremiah’s relationship is certainly going to have some challenging times ahead!

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  1. I honestly think that Jeremiah is perfect for Belly…I mean Jeremiah has always been there for Belly All the time, I don’t think Jeremiah Will disappoint Belly……and Belly did the right thing telling Jeremiah how she felt. Can’t wait to see how the last episode goes ..

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