The Summer I Turned Pretty – Season 2 Episode 6 “Love Fest” Recap & Review

Love Fest

Episode 6 of The Summer I Turned Pretty starts where we left off as Julia tells the group that she has already sold off the beach house. She tells Conrad that the new owners were soon going to move into the house and asks for everyone’s copy of the keys.

Conrad is very mad at Julia for selling off the house in the matter of a few hours but with nothing in their control, he lets go of his keys. Skye tries to talk to their mother about it and shares how they have been having a lot of fun with their cousins and would like to spend time with them instead.

Julia claims that she wants her daughter to be happy but Skye argues that she never told them any of the good stuff about their cousins and Susannah. Skye tells their mother that she will never get closure by selling off the house because she’s still holding on the the hate in her heart for her father.

A flashback takes the episode to ‘Shitmas’ – the last Christmas Day that Julia spent with Susannah and their father. She recalls spending the day with Susannah and eventually fighting about their dad.

Present-day Skye tells their mother that she always saw their story from one side and never welcomed the version of Susannah that Conrad and Jeremiah had presented to her. Skye also complains that Julia did not give the group any time and made the hasty decision of selling the house off. Julia takes off and does not go back to the hotel with her mother.

Meanwhile, Skye apologises to the group and decides what the next step with the house being sold will be. Belly suggests that they could host one last empty house party to celebrate Susannah one last time before letting it go. Everyone, including Conrad and Jeremiah, agree and the group disperses to get the party started. Steven talks to Conrad and tries to get him some help with respect to his mental health. He offers to set him up for therapy and forces him to be zen for the same.

Taylor and Belly get talking and the latter tells Taylor about their coach asking Belly to not join the volleyball team. Belly says that it is okay and does not let Taylor talk to the coach for her. She goes down and meets Jeremiah. The two chat about their memories in the house and Belly pushes Jeremiah in the pool.

They share a moment inside the water and then move to talking about their childhood. Just as they are about to hold hands, Taylor walks in, reminding Belly of going out on a ride with Conrad.

Jeremiah offers to tag along with Belly and Conrad. At the same time, Taylor gets a call from Milo and talks to him in the kitchen with Steven sitting right beside them. Taylor tells her boyfriend about the party they’re hosting but Steven keeps interrupting the conversation. Milo asks for the address but Steven pulls Taylor’s phone and ambushes the conversation and hangs up the phone call.

In the meantime, Conrad, Jeremiah and Belly take turns to get alcohol for the party from the nearby convenience store. However, as it turns out Belly talks to the seller about their situation with the beach house being sold out and how they are all having a shitty few weeks. She manages to get a load of alcohol for the party but Conrad notices how Belly and Jeremiah are connecting.

At his house, Cameron and Skye start chatting as he brings his DJ stuff for the party. The two get chatting and talk about their familial issues with their respective mothers. Belly, Conrad and Jeremiah decide to raid the mall and get a tonne of groceries for their party. At the house, Taylor and Steven chat and discuss their memory about dancing to the song ‘Party in the USA’. Skye interrupts them and Taylor goes inside to help them set up for the party.

While at the store, Belly and Conrad are together when they discuss what happened at her prom. Belly finally apologises for being immature at Prom and for how she treated him when he was feeling so low because of what was going on with his mother. Conrad tells Belly about how he was having a panic attack and having a hard time.

The trio finish shopping and go back home. Once they arrive, Belly, Taylor and Skye talk about kissing boys as Skye asks for tips. Belly discussing kissing Cameron, Conrad and Jeremiah but claims that kissing Jeremiah was really interesting for her.

The girls give Skye tips about kissing while Jeremiah goes through their stuff from the garage. Conrad joins him there and they discuss what it would be like when memories of their mother start fading away. Conrad lets Jeremiah have the album with photos of their childhood.

However, Belly finds Jeremiah on the way there and they discuss Belly’s feelings for Conrad. Jeremiah states that he felt like he’s walking in on something personal when she was alone with Conrad.

Belly argued that it’s not like that and that she’s moving on to the future and is no longer stuck in the past.

Later that evening, the girls get ready and Taylor teases Belly about Jeremiah. She tells Taylor about their almost kiss and asks Belly to be careful when it comes to the two brothers.

The party starts off well with Belly having a moment with Conrad as she takes pictures with him but a while later she trips on the roller skates she was wearing and falls into Jeremiah’s arms. Jeremiah flirts with Belly and asks him to stop trying to get his attention.

Meanwhile, Conrad calls Steven out of fooling around with Taylor. The group get together and take a shot, promising to stay in touch for a long time. Cameron is with Skye when Milo shows up to the house party and starts looking for Taylor. Skye and Cameron decide to look for Taylor but are not able to find her anywhere.

The two get chatting and share a moment when they asks if they could kiss him. The two share a kiss while Taylor and Steven start dancing to ‘Party in the USA’ by Miley Cyrus. After the dance, Steven confesses his feelings for Taylor and admits that he really liked her.

The two are about to kiss when Milo shows up and breaks into a fight with Steven. Meanwhile, Belly and Jeremiah chat and discuss their first kisses. Just as they are about to kiss, they hear a commotion outside and watch Taylor and Steven fight.

Taylor, embarrassed by Milo’s actions, kicks him out for treating him like his property and not a human being with feelings of her own. Skye gets a text message from Julia and is excited to tell the group that they had come to a middle group with their mother about the house. They claim that Julia has negotiated a deal with the new owners of the house and were allowed to rent the house out every summer.

While Belly and Jeremiah are happy about the deal, Conrad believes that it’s not going to be the same. Jeremiah and Conrad end up fighting and point out that Conrad ruined things with Belly too.

Belly walks away from the conversation and the boys further fight about Conrad not being there for their mother. Jeremiah claims that he really needs someone to look up to. Belly is too overwhelmed by the things around her so she grabs a bottle of alcohol and goes to the beach to start drinking.

Conrad follows, picks her up, and takes her home. The two have an argument about Conrad talking to Jeremiah to be with her. She claims that if she had known about his true feelings for her, she would’ve fought for him.

Belly claims that they probably did not love each other enough to share all of their feelings for each other. In the Beach House, Taylor and Steven finally chat and kiss. At the same time, Belly gets back home and finally breaks down sobbing after the chaotic events of the evening.

The episode ends with Belly in her room sobbing to her mother and telling her about the house being sold as she asks for her help.

The Episode Review

It looks like the show is just running in circles at this point with nothing substantial happening with only two episodes left in this season. I wish there was more depth to what is happening because for now it just looks like a teenage getaway and the teenagers are just all over the place until Laurel comes to save the day for them.

Taylor and Steven, as well as Cameron and Skye, are finally getting together and I hope they end well.

Skye seems to be a great person as they stood up for their friends and showed Julia where their priorities are. Also, this episode had Jenny Han in it! It’s so cool to have the writer of the books make a cameo in the show based on the novels!

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Expect a full-season review when the season ends!

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