The Summer I Turned Pretty – Season 2 Episode 5 “Love Fool” Recap & Review

Love Fool

Episode 5 of The Summer I Turned Pretty Season 2 starts with the teenagers back at the Beach House, only to discover that Julia has emptied it.

The episode goes from Jeremiah’s perspective and we see him struggle to come to terms with the fact that the memories of Susannah are no longer with them. Conrad is furious and yells at Julia but she claims that it was all she could do. She promises that she’s saved the things from the beach house in a storage unit and has made sure it was taken out of the house safely.

Conrad accuses Julia of being too jealous of Susannah because she was the daughter their grandfather liked better. Julia is betrayed by Skye for telling Conrad the Christmas story. They apologise to their mother for what Conrad said but also add that what she has done with the house is not right either.

Outside, Conrad is furious at their dad for leaving them high and dry but Jeremiah understands where Adam was coming from. He tries to calm Conrad down but he’d too upset to listen. The 7 teenagers get out of the beach house and wonder what they cam do now that the house is empty.

Cameron claims that he would’ve invited them to his house but it’s too small to accommodate all 6 of them. Jeremiah takes the group to the Country Club and tries using his old keycard from when he worked there. The keycard doesn’t work but Cameron offers to use his mom’s code to enter the luxury club and asks the group to keep the club mess free so that his mom doesn’t lose her job.

Inside the club, Cameron and Skye go looking for food while Steven forces Taylor to join him on his hunt for clean bedsheets and pillows for them to sleep on. Jeremiah goes looking for a place for them to sleep and asks Belly and Conrad to join him. The two decline the offer and Jeremiah goes by himself.

Conrad blames himself for going to the boardwalk with the teenagers and leaving the house alone for this to have happened. Belly consoles him and tries to motivate him to keep trying while Jeremiah watches the two interact. He thinks back at how hurt he was with Conrad for being in love with Belly and with Belly for choosing Conrad over him.

A flashback shows Jeremiah at their house when Conrad shows up out of the blue where they discuss Belly. Conrad apologises to Jeremiah for kissing Belly but claims that he loved her and wanted to desperately be with her. Jeremiah unwillingly gives Conrad a go-ahead and the latter thanks Jeremiah without even thinking about his brother’s feelings.

Present-day Jeremiah tries to remind himself that Belly will always choose Conrad over him but to his surprise, Belly shows up and joins him on the hunt for a proper place to rest. The two go to the screening room and end up watching The Apartment, one of Susannah’s favourite classic movies.

At the same time, Taylor and Steven look for warm clothes for the group to change into. Taylor finds some weed in one of the leather jackets. She pockets the weed and the two make fun of each other before going to the hall where the debutante ball was held. Steven sets up some music for them and invites Taylor for a dance to show her the ropes of how the debutante ball worked. He ignores Jeremiah’s text calling them to the screening room and enjoys the moment with Taylor.

At the same time, Belly and Jeremiah share a moment of their own. Jeremiah tells Belly how he missed her over the last year and how he wanted to call her. Cameron, Skye and Conrad end up bringing a lot of food for them to eat from the leftovers in the kitchen. Cameron ends up telling the two that one of their friends, Liam Meyer had involved a judge to let him access the trust fund his grandparents had left behind for him.

Conrad gets the idea of using his trust fund to save the house and deliberates using Liam’s lawyer for the same. Once in the screening room, Jeremiah and Conrad go looking for Taylor and Steven. Another flashback takes the episode to the last Thanksgiving where both Belly and Jeremiah’s families had gathered together one last time before Susannah’s death.

Jeremiah finds it hard to watch Belly and Conrad together. After lunch, Jeremiah talks to Conrad in private and asks his brother to leave him out when he was to bring Belly over. Present-day, the brothers end up interrupting them just as they are about to kiss. The group heads back to the screening room while Belly keeps looking at Jeremiah.

Conrad texts Liam, seeking his help with his trust fund. Cameron notices how everyone was being clumsy in the screening room. With fear of his mom losing her job, the group moves to the lawn where they decide to crash under the stars.

Skye helps Taylor make a pot bong out of an apple while Belly and Taylor talk about Steven and Conrad. Both girls claim that the boys had hurt them too much and that first love was overrated. Taylor and Belly promise to never take Steven and Conrad back.

The group sit together and Taylor forces Belly to text their Coach, telling her that Belly is going to rejoin the volleyball team. The boys join in and together the group play a game of truth or dare. During the game, Conrad believes that he would see himself living in Cousins in the next 10 years and spending all his summers there just like they did as children.

Skye dares Belly to kiss Jeremiah but he opts out of it, believing that they’re not kids anymore. A flashback shows Jeremiah falling in love with Belly last summer after seeing her all grown up for the first time. He also recalls noticing how Conrad too has fallen for Belly in the same way he did. Present-day Belly is hurt that Jeremiah gave up the opportunity of kissing her.

Cameron discusses the death of his sister and the Fisher brothers relate that with the death of their mother and how they’re coping with the loss and how things will eventually get better. Skye and Cameron crash on the sheets while Steven sleeps next to Taylor. He apologises for their almost-kiss and she forgives him.

Meanwhile, Conrad looks up articles on how he’ll be able to get the beach house back using his trust fund. Belly gets a text from her coach who tells Belly that it’s best if she doesn’t rejoin the basketball team. Belly is heartbroken but ignores it to chat with Jeremiah. She asks why she’s ignoring her and he claims that it’s hard for him to deal with his feelings for her.

He believes that he wouldn’t be able to stop if he were to start something romantic with Belly. Another flashback shows Jeremiah with Susannah during Belly’s prom night. He thinks back at how Conrad made it all about himself and was not there for Belly on her big day. He wonders how he would’ve done things so differently if it was he who ended up with Belly instead of Conrad.

Jeremiah then talks to Susannah about his feelings for Belly and the now-deceased mother makes Jeremiah promise to always stick around with his brother. Present-day, Belly tells Jeremiah how she had seen his graduation ceremony through her mom’s phone because she wanted to be there for him. Jeremiah and Belly go to sleep next to each other and wake up the following morning.

Taylor is disgusted to have spooned Steven in her sleep. The group wakes up after Cameron’s mother shows up. After cleaning the place up, the group leaves to go back to the beach house. Conrad tells Jeremiah he’s going to deal with Adam whether he likes it or not. Jeremiah tells Conrad that he supports his older brother.

The group arrive at the beach house and are shocked to learn that Julia has already sold off the house to the first interested buyer. The episode ends with Jeremiah and Conrad shattered by the news.

The Episode Review

This episode really felt like a long drag and it looks like there is very little left in the story. The makers are trying to slow it down as much as possible. With the entire group hanging out at the club, this episode essentially followed Jeremiah’s memories with Belly to show that he’s still in love with her.

Belly and Taylor’s interaction about letting their respective first loves go feels like a curveball and the makers want to create an illusion that Belly is going to end up with Jeremiah only to go back to Conrad. It is clear that Taylor is in love with Steven just as much as he is in love with her and I would really want them to get back together, no offence to Milo.

The is something weird about the events taking place involving the adult characters, especially Julia. It is possible that she is hiding something hence the rushed sale of the beach house but we will have to wait to see how the story moves forward.

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