The Stranger – Season 1 Episode 6 Recap & Review

Killane’s Confession

Episode 6 of The Stranger begins with Killane being taken into custody where he reveals details about his wife and how she gave him purpose in life. She was going to leave him, which caused him to lash out and kill her with his bare hands. Him mentioning “I’m sorry” outside his house was simply a reference to the way he’s been manipulating Adam. As our protagonist hears the full story, it’s all too much for him and he leaves the room, asking to speak to Johanna again.

Meanwhile Katz speaks to his boss, a man who’s funding his daughter’s care and whom he works for as private security to earn extra money. He’s the one who tasked Katz with shutting the blackmailers down. It turns out he’s also one of the businessmen connected with Kimberly over the sugar website and wants his involvement kept under wraps.

Johanna arrives at Killane’s house where Adam spills the details of the case to her. It also turns out Corinne’s car has been found and as they visit together, Adam finds her earrings on the backseat. Beyond that though, the car is completely clean. Johanna phones Wes at the scene and together they decide to try and track down the stranger who seems to be the one catalyst that binds everything together right now.

After learning Olivia was the one who sent the pictures on Ella’s phone, Johanna asks Wes to track down the CCTV footage from that night but Katz catches wind of what they’re up to and decides to find it himself. He hands over the footage of the two girls in the car park with Heidi to Johanna, who in turn relays this over to Kimberley. It’s here she learns more about the 3 men she was seeing.

Back at the police station, Katz tries to regain his composure in the wake of Johanna starting an operation to go after the businessman he happens to be working for. As his boss arrives at the bar, Katz sets a distraction and tackles a man to the ground, feigning that he has a knife and getting himself removed from the case in the process. All of this was an elaborate ploy to make sure he’s not exposed and on his way out the door, he phones his boss and tells him he couldn’t track down the strangers and that this was a set-up.

Adam tells his Father that Corinne has gone missing and together they discuss what may have happened to her. However, midway through doing this Adam receives a call informing him Killane tried to commit suicide at the hospital. As things start to escalate, Katz drives off but, unbeknownst to him, Tom happens to be hiding in the backseat of the car. As the episode closes out, Adam finds himself face to face with the stranger at the hospital.

With more twists in the tale and plenty of plot threads starting to resolve themselves, big question marks remain over Katz and the stranger. Both of these stories are seemingly becoming entangled together now and quite what’s going to happen remains to be seen. One thing’s for sure though – whatever happened to Corinne it’s clearly not good. This is one episode you’ll almost certainly binge into the next one, with a big cliffhanger and plenty of unanswered questions.


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