The Spy – Episode 4 “The Odd Couples” Recap & Review


The Water Pipe Bombing

We begin episode 4 in December 1962 with Eli waking up to a protest happening outside his flat. He switches the radio on and hears that Syria has won a battle against Israel. As he heads out, the people are celebrating the victory and it’s here he sees firsthand the bodies of burnt Israeli men. Amidst the protesters, he sees chief of security Suidana who looks very suspicious of him.

Eli later meets with Ma’azi and Majid. Ma’azi reveals that they have actually lost the battle and everything on the radio or the street is propaganda. Ma’azi then suggests to Eli to take him to the border to see what is actually happening out there.

In Mossad, Dan, Jacob and Maya discuss the recent development. Dan is still unsure as this would be a big risk for Eli but both Maya and Jacob think this would benefit their cause greatly as they still don’t know what the Syrians’ secret project underground is.

In Israel, Nadia is struggling with her job and raising her two children on her own. She later meets with Dan who has become quite fond of her and offers to help her look after the kids while she sleeps. The next morning, she confronts him about his frequent visits and asks where her husband is.

On their way to the border, Ma’azi tells Eli that the soviets are secretly providing Syria with weapons. After seeing the devastation caused by the war, they meet with Colonel Hatoum who shows him around, including the top of a hill where they do their surveillance. He also shows them underground where they have soldiers hidden in bunkers, ready to shoot Israelis. The Colonel dares him to shoot some men they can see in the horizon, informing him they’re Zionists in disguise, even the children. Just as he is about to shoot, Hatoum reveals that he was joking.

After meeting Ma’azi’s uncle, the Syrian commander in chief, Eli heads to his office to take some pictures of secret documents. He also spies on a military briefing and learns of the Syrian’s army next move, which is to blow a water pipe in Israel. This prompts him to steal a walkie-talkie to try warning the Israeli army. As he reaches the Syrian military secret base, Eli is seen and heard. Some Syrian Soldiers then run after him but he manages to lose them. Luckily, he comes across an Israeli farmer on the border and tells him about the Syrian plan to bomb the water pipe. The farmer then relays that message on to the Israeli army.

The next morning, Eli and Ma’azi hear on the radio that a Syrian unit was captured when they were crossing the border. We then see Eli sending messages about everything he has seen. He’s interrupted by a knock on a door; Suidani arrives, uninvited, and asks him to follow him somewhere but blindfolded. He takes him to Michel Aflak, the leader of the Ba’ath. General Amin is also there and instructs Eli to throw some extravagant parties where certain members of the cabinet should attend, including General Ad-Din.

The episode ends with Dan being shown by the Israel soldiers that the Syrian are planting trees to give their men shade. This was Eli’s idea and it now makes it easier for Israel to be able to see their enemies’ locations.

The Spy has certainly been an interesting drama so far. Knowing this is based on a true story definitely had me researching about the fascinating life of Eli Cohen and it’s helped by Sacha’s performance, which perfectly captures the anguish and torture this man endures during his time in Syria. One moment in particular stood out for me; when the colonel tests him by trying to make him shoot innocent civilians. This was very tense and skillfully portrayed by the comedian.

With just two episodes to go, the Spy is definitely building up to an expected climax and for anyone looking for a drama based on a true story, they should definitely check this out.


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  1. I always read stories after I watch the tv shows especially in case of true stories. Because I don’t fully understand the story during my watch. It is easy to read and understand. Thanks for writing the story.

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