The Spy – Episode 3 “Alone in Damascus” Recap & Review


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Episode 3 of The Spy starts in January 1962. Salinger gives Eli some spy gadgets hidden in everyday objects and gives him instructions for his infiltration in Damascus. On his way to Damascus in a ferry, Eli has to make a connection with important landowner Sheikh Majid Al-Ard.  They meet at dinner on board but Eli is a bit too eager, speaking to Majid about the Ba’ath’s influence in Syria. This leads to Majid telling him that there are things that shouldn’t be talked about in open spaces and he leaves the table.

The next morning, Majid invites him to make the journey to Damascus with him. Things do get a little tense at the Syrian border when the custom officers check their papers and search their belongings. Finally, they make it the capital where Eli moves into an apartment opposite the military offices. Once moved in, he decides to send a message using Morse code. Mossad intercepts the message and finds out where he is based, allowing Eli’s plan to then be set into motion; he opens up a branch of his import/export business in Damascus. He will export Syrian tables with information and pictures of the military base hidden in the wooden legs of the furniture.

In Mossad, Dan speaks to his colleague Maya about his concern for Eli. He explains that Eli reminds him of another eager and talented agent who got brutally killed during an operation, probably because he was willing to take too many risks.

We then jump forward 4 months; Eli meets with Majid and other businessmen to negotiate a deal. While there, he also notices Ma’azi Zaher Ad-Din, the nephew of the Syrian commander-in-chief. He buys him drinks and quickly becomes friend with him. The episode gthen ends with both Nadia and Eli looking very unhappy with their situation. Eli is surrounded by Ma’azi and a lot of his friends, but looks very lonely and, after a failed night out, Nadia sits at the table alone again, eating bread and butter.

The Spy delivers another interesting episode showing some of the clever ways Eli used to gather and send information to the Mossad. While these might not all be historically correct, seeing the different gadgets given to him is very reminisce of James Bond, and it’s an enjoyable touch to an otherwise serious and sombre drama.

The episode has a clever shot where we see both Nadia and Eli, alone in different countries,eating the same meal on their respective tables. As they sit, the screen is split into two, showing that even apart, they are still connected and really missing each other. This blend of muted and vibrant colour is a great example of the slick cinematography on offer here and certainly stands out in this episode.

As we reach the halfway point of the series, The Spy has managed to blend drama and suspense quite well, and with the added touch of his family life, it makes us root for Eli to succeed in his mission even more.


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