The Spill Canvas – Copycat Volume 1 | Album Review

Track Listing

Robin Williams 
Old Friends 


Sadness becomes this twist, this element where it seeps into every song on this EP, and when listening to Copycat Volume 1, you will feel the sombreness like a tidal wave hitting your mind.

The Spill Canvas deliver this collection of songs that will provoke responses from you. These tracks are sadder than most, conveying broken love and a flaky defence.  

The energy is still there though, as the acoustics interweave with the vocals and the melody. The Spill Canvas are masters at creating intricate melodies, and this collection really pushes their talents further. Every song has been studied meticulously as those harmonies have the quality to turn heads.  

‘Robin Williams’ starts off the record. It’s such a melancholic stab at acoustic brilliance. The band has striven to create atmospheric, timeless songs with poetic lyrics. Some may be put off by the themes, but you can’t deny the poignancy it creates.   

‘Old Friends’ is another sad song, though there’s an upbeat acoustic sound within the track. The band describe moments when the world weighs heavily with disappointment. The arrangements are brilliant.  

‘Hallucinogenics’ paints a picture of a sinner on drugs. That acoustic sound blends in significantly, and the sadness trickles in. Then the song lifts, and it becomes this fast-paced, rage-fuelled track which shows the band in their element.  

The Spill Canvas show their worth yet again with this EP that delivers pure melancholia.  

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  • Verdict - 8/10

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